Devblog: Vexor Navy Issue and Alpha Clone Drone Skill Changes

Take a look at this devblog for some changes that are coming for the Vexor Navy Issue, and a few more tweaks to drone skills for Alpha Pilots!

Read all about it here!



will alpha players get the wasted sp back?

  • Reducing Heavy Drone Operation from level IV to level III
  • Reducing Medium Drone Operation from level V to level IV
  • Reducing Drone Interfacing from level IV to level III



It says they will be deactived like other levels they cant use.

But that then begs the question; Are those levels going to be extractable?

Some Alpha only characters may not wish to retain those “wasted” SPs.


it’s not wasted. It’s still here ! And you can anyhow make another FREEEEEEEE alpha character :slight_smile:


Great changes! Good bye to afk game play, hello to active game play :D.


Good changes. +1


Not sure i follow… 10% to Drone Damage before, 10% to Damage after.

What has really changed?

Edit: actually it is opposite
10% HP => 10% bonus to Drone hitpoints
10% Damage => 10% bonus to Drone damage
5% tracking => 10% bonus to Drone tracking speed

Still not clear.

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you forgot that myrms, dominixes still exist. The afk thing is more a drone mechanic thing.

But anyway, a good change.


Drone band width is less.


+5pctpt tracking maybe ?


We are also planning a set of targeted changes to somewhat reduce the levels of drone skills available to alpha clones. These changes are focused on our ongoing anti-botting efforts, since large scale parallelized farming of nullsec anomalies with alpha clones is a popular tactic among botters.

Hehehe yeah sure, because before VNIs there was no botting possible at all. And like you could not detect and ban bots anyway. Nah Nah, apparently the only workable solution to this infestation has the nice side effect of getting all bots and real players on omega clones… well prolly only the real players as the Bots will just switch to something else. :joy::joy:


Considering the 5M SP limit to alpha training, though, it’s a reasonable question. If someone’s close to their limit, those drone skill SP might be a significant thing to be able to shift over.


I would love to hear your perfect solution for removing all bot’s :]? Besides bot’s could probably go omega from isk -> plex -> omega since all they do is farm isk all day.

You do what you do, not because of botting. This is an excuse. You just want to force people to become omega and pay. And you don’t give a #### about what the players say. So, do what you have to do and let the excuses…


@Anderson_Geten well not all alphas are “FREEEEEEEEEEEE” some people have put their money into maxing out an alpha because they can not afford to keep paying month by month. People have invested into plex and alpha injectors to boost their alpha pilots. Losing a V skill and dropping from IV to III skills is a massive loss in SP for those sort of pilots.

@CCP_Falcon solution for those players who have possibly spent money to but plex. To then buy alpha injectors, only to have those skills taken away from them?


You might also want to consider:

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A lot of people are also over their max 5M SP limit on their alpha, there is nothing to give back to the players that have spent time or money grinding (or spending irl money on plex) for things like alpha injectors in order to boost their alpha above 5M SP


Well as a start you design PVE more challenging so you don’t actually want to kill yourself after 5 - 10 minutes of doing it. Might even make it in a way that a bot can’t do it. Hell other games manage to do it too, but for EvE it’s impossible? C’mon.


That would be a great solution but, the amount of work involved with revamping all the pve in game would be insane, better to just make new pve and slowly phase out the old, they are busy upgrading their AI which in turn would have an effect on all the existing Pve as well but its all time tons and tons of dev time.

Would be cool to add a hacking mini game to mining as well so that the skilled pilots would be able to mine faster and Bot’s wouldn’t be able to do it anymore.


I dont like the alpha changes just a straight nerf give them something in return.