VNI Ratting

Hi everyone,

I’m currently flying a Vexor Navy Issue with three of my chars, got now 500dps, most of my skills are only at lvl 4, so I wonder whats the max DPS with perfect skills and setup for die Vexor?

And how much should one earn per tick at for example sansha forsaken hubs.


I think it’s the 7xx ish with T2
which means average 20+M per tick

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My current VNI fit for Fountain in nullsec, is 687dps. thats just with 5 wasp ii’s.
I think down there I was clearing 20-25 mil per tick…

Did you actually write the values somewhere, or just use the “I think” random numbers ? Cause 25M/tick was the maximum I got with max skills(unless commander), with as low as 15M when unlucky (eg starting haven if drones go for small ships 2min before the end of the tick).

I could go back 6 months in my wallet to see actual values, when I was ratting in fountain. If it will please you.


I’m at ~10-15m right now, the looting with the mtu takes some time, sending everyone to a different location.

Before farming with two VNI’s at one forsaken ralley or hub point yielded only ~8-10mio max.

without loot

at 500dps at the time, with one char at only 450dps.

Still got to learn heavy drones V / Drone Interfacing V / gallente cruiser V ^^75 days lol wondering if its worth it, but ~5mio difference *4 chars a tick would be not too bad

it is worth remapping just for the drones.

against sansha are praetor II better than imp navy praetors ?

what is the resist profile of your rats ?

no idea, those Standard sansha forsaken ralley / forsaken hub ones em / thermal weakness, anyway now I’ve 620dps, injected tons of injectors into my 4 chars.

still heavy drone only on 4, rest on 5, 4 damage amplifiers II and a tracking device… ~16mio per tick right now.

drone nav comp I/ drone link comp I/ em I and thermal resistance I rigs -> rest like the shield anom fit, without the cloak/launcher/beam deflector amplifier

are those praetor II in any way slower or weaker in tracking then the Navy ones? damage will rise ofc as soon as I can Switch, unmounted my cloaking device, now everyone runs stable, I got to link my fit later on but it’s shield based.

I would like to get my cpu und reactor output higher so I could fit two weapons on my ships.

You know about the compare tool?

When you show info on the drone you can click at the “Variations” and on the bottom should be a button named “compare”. This will put all existing variatons of the drone into the compare tool where you can check different anttributes you want to look at.
I strongly recommend that.

Personally I would order the drones like this:

‘Augmented’ > Navy/Fleet > T2 > ‘Integrated’ > T1

Taken form here:

Then I have no idea what’s the best.

That would be a waste of time. If you are running an OS AB you are too far and too fast to hit with guns.

[Vexor Navy Issue, 3W VNI]
Medium Armor Repairer II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Anti-Thermal Pump I

5 Wasp II

That is my Gurista Fit for fountain

for Sansha, If you cannot use T2’s, it looks like the navy’s are gonna be the best bet as far as praetors go.

As far as damage, I simulated my VNI fit. Praetor II gave me an output of 627 DPS
While Navy Praetor gave me only 591 DPS.

with max skills on my vni I got 747 DPS with wasp II . 697 with praetor II. 796 with ogre II

Now you reduce that by the resist profile and it tells you what’s the best drone to use.

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ah now I get it, was writing about sansha forsaken hubs. praetor II

I wouldnt order the drones that way, if it is for PvE - the Augmented & integrated versions deal 2 different damage types IIRC, so the impressive number especially of the augmented ones will not apply 100% to the resist hole of the NPCs. I did some extensive testing with a Rattlesnake with 2 omnis and 2 drone nav Computers and came to the conclusion that t2 drones vs the lowest resist profile of your NPC, and with max skills >> all others when it comes to ISK/h in anomaly ratting, including augmented drones or a Gecko. That is of course only true as long as you are able to apply your drone DPS, so you will need a ship with a tracking bonus for your drones and/or modules to assist.

if you don’t have a resist profile, it does mean nothing …

here are the damage per faction for each drone(faction is navy, not the other useless one)
with racial drone spe V , the damage is PER DRONE HIT WITHOUT OTHER SKILLS (multiply by *1.25 for heavy V, *2 for drone interfacing, divide by the fire delay, mutliply by 5 for drone V and you’ll have the DPS - basically multiply by 3.125. on a vni you then need to multipy by 1.5 thus total is *4.69… )

I used two resist profiles : the lowest BS in the haven, and the highest BS in the haven. sansha and blood have same resist, not on me.


I tried an armor build but as soon as I take another 100mn afterburner or just a 10mn, ships start to attack only my drones, any idea? Is it really the 100mn afterburner 2 which aggros them?

It isn’t possible to multibox with 4 chars, when I got to retract every 5 sec a drone.

if you are doing forlorn site this is normal.

I felt like drone aggro does depend on range. If you orbit outside of the reach of a NPC it will look for a closer target within it’s range and that is usually a drone. So if your tank can do it, maybe going a bit closer might help.
But I’m just guessing. Drones and NPCs do weird things. And that’s probably intentional to make AFK-Ratting not too easy to do.