Why are carriers so bad?

I was ratting in a rattlesnake with alt in dominix for awhile making like 15m-19m per tick on each account. I don’t remember what it was with just the rattlesnake, probably around 23m max.

Trained up my skills to use a carrier thinking it would be a lot better. got nidhogur . go and do some sites. I’m always losing fighters, never lost any drones. I only make 32m a tick. Plus have to deal with it being a cap.

Even without the alt, with the amount of fighters I end up losing I’m pretty sure I’m making about the same isk/hour I did before.

not really a question. rant over.

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Bad tradesman blame their tools.


If you’re losing fighters, you’re doing it wrong.
Don’t blame the ship when you can’t use it correctly.


Yeah, you need to work on skills, execution, and/or fits. Damn dog. It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure I was making 17m ticks back in my VNI (T2 fit, level 4ish skills). So 17m ticks while dual boxing a snake and a domi? You’re doing something wrong. Same with the carrier ratting.


Brave has a public carrier ratting guide that’s from 2020. Check it out here.


the domi did 473dps and the rattlesnake had 1100dps . my nid does 2350dps . the ticks i got from the nid might not be max because I’ve only been doing 2 sites at a time. I think if I do a third i might get to ~37m .

do I need to split dps with the nidhoggur? still my fighters keep getting shot at. idk what i’m doing wrong.

I’ve never carrier ratted, but from what I understand, you want to make your fighters orbit something in between waves so that their speed never drops. So that’s one thing. Give me a second. I think Sutonia made a video about it after the rats were buffed to target drones more…

Most poorfit Nid/Thanny ratting fits should be able to pull close to 3000 dps. Also, usually ratting fits have hyperspatial rigs, and are able to complete 4 sites in an hour

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well i only have 3 t2 dmg amps and t1 fighters. 2752 with 5 faction dmg amps , 2487 with 4 t2 .

there is a lot of RNG going on here i guess. one haven gave me 15m and the next one i did gave 30m.

i just don’t see another 300-400dps allowing me to clear 2-4 sites a tick which is what i would need to do to get the 50m some people are claiming.

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Rock Havens should be around 30m bounty.
You are also missing T2 fighters, which help alot. They pretty much reduce the amount of cycels you need for ships and can speed you up alot.
Even after all the nerfs you shouldnt have any problems hitting 45m/tick.


So you admit that you don’t have max skills and that you are using t1 fighters? so maybe, next time, instead of writing as title “why-are-carriers-so-bad?”, you could write somethg like “what i am doing wrong?” or “need advice on carrier ratting” ?
I am fed up with the guys, like you, who always blame CCP or anybody else whereas the problem comes from them…
and yes, ratting with a carrier in null provides me 120M/h ish, while i am not fully focused on what i am doing, and don’t use hyperspatial rigs


“i was doing probably ZIZILION GIZILION per hour” - that is your main problem
you dont know math


-Every nullsecer ever, asked about ISK/hr doing practically anything


answer is like

  • if fighter is yellow, return it,
  • use fighter MWD only for return

oh you warp into 100km, and your fighters are getting yellow on the way to battle…
oh you use MWD to send fighters to the battle, and can’t use MWD for return…
Dont warp into 100km, warp to zero on anomaly. like real men…


If you have an alt anyway get then in speed tanked drone ship and spin around the big rock, this will help distract the baddies off your fighters (remember to put the alt in watch list) and add a bit of DPS. It can also scout sites to make sure you are not going to spend 20+ seconds warping to then off another ratter claim or a bad haven.

Moderate blingy DDAs, tech 2 fighter modules, max skills and tech 2 fighters can push your DPS quite a bit higher, Higher DPS means enemies live shorter amount of time, time they will not have to shoot fighers. Hyperspatial lower the amount of time your are not killing stuff.

Sites and kill order is important. Frigs need to die ASAP they like fighters, they sometimes have webs, webbed fighters die. Rock haven are good, the other one is bad, they have more frigs and annoying spans that chew on fighters, There is a way to tell the difference without actually warping all the way there, but I will let you figure that out.

45 million per tick is likely BS outside the perfect timed exception (boss spawn) with just the carrier. I regularly hit 40 mil (total) without a boss using two accounts and get 4 sites in with MTU pickup included in just over an hour with the two account system, and I am WAY underblinged (an honestly pretty bad),

talking purely about DPS I have a Praxis that put out 1000+ DPS but at the same time did not kill the rats as quickly as I liked, I looked at the fitting and the information available to me and reduced the ships overall DPS to around 850 and also reduced my ships EHP as well and yet it functioned far better killing the rats much quicker.

It’s easy to hit 60m+ ticks(pre corp tax) in a T2 fit carrier.
Run Sanctums instead of havens.

Last wave in sanctum can be tricky to not lose fighter. Depends on your rats.

Please dont unbury 3 month old threads

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Given the forums already lock threads overy 90 days, if it is still unlocked it’s not THAT old. Better to continues a convo on a topic than just make a brand new one on the same topic.