Why are carriers so bad?

When I used to use a Nid back in Drone Regions, I had it completely meme fit and pushed out close to 3300dps. Average ticks were in the 50s, with some hitting 62-63m (depending on spawns). This was doing Drone Hordes (the bunker type) only, uncontested.

Almost all rating people have meme fit full dps, no tank when it goes to carrier / super ratting. And yeah my thanny was around 3500 dps with full faction fit, no tank, t2 FSU.

t2 fsu full rack, 4 sentient drone damage amps, t1 templars, I get 2700dps. I’ll blow through 3k once I’m skilled into t2. Right now I’m killing hordes in 10-13 minutes and scoring 30mill ticks.

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