Let's talk ticks!

Alrighty you carebears. The popular topic and discussion amongst the krabs seems to be ticks. I’d like to hear what kind of ticks people are making, using what ships from running null sec anoms. Don’t say where of course, and you don’t have to paste your fit. Just average ticks, using what ship hull.

If you don’t know what a tick is, it’s the payout you get every 15 or 20 minutes from the magical krab fairies for killing rats in combat anomolies.

On an alt whose name will not be revealed for obvious reasons, I average about 45-50 mill ticks in a nidhoggur (after the carrier changes).

Null-seccers only please. Nobody cares about low or high sec ticks (if those even exist LOL).:parrot:


about 500k


Are you interested in the botting Rattlesnake fleets in the Drone lands (and elswhere)? How about the magically synchronized Rorquel fleets and their ballet of isk producing maneuvers? Both would appear to be of interest as well in your inquiry, since all “groups” above either have one or less players actively involved.:wink:


Considering this is an area CCP are looking who do you think is going tell you what they are making?

That is simply painting a nerf me here arrow on their back.


Running missions in null-sec, my ticks are usually around 50-80 mil, depending on what sites I get, fully-continuous.

That’s just rat bounties though, it’s pocket change when compared to the disgusting mission reward ISK and LP value which ticks don’t account for.


They already came, they saw some data about carrier and super carrier ticks, they cherry picked their data, and applied a nerf. You think they’re gonna nerf something else?

Quite impressive actually. Level 4 missions I assume?

Yup they will

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Pretty sure CCP knowns exactly how much each and every ratting carrier is making per tick, per play session, per week and per month.

Now whether or not they can find a single ■■■■ to give is a completely different question. Signs point to no.

If I had to rat 15min in nullsec for ISK I would biomass myself. lol :wink:

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With Machariel in level 4 missions the best that i can is 25M, but the average is 15M. Well, if i clean the mission, some of them i just blitz.

i know what youre saying
when you calculate it its like
150m isk/h
for grinding
thats like 100 hours of grinding every month
for a measly 15bn
is that a thing

mission “ticks” don’t really make a whole lot of sense to talk about as each mission is often in a different system, plus the mission reward + bonus + LP payouts. sure I can get a 40mil+ tick but that involves one or two specific missions in the same system and odds are they will end up in different systems and I get two 20mil ticks.

I can pretty easily do 200m/hr in highsec, and I think my upper limit is about 300. Although with my connection issues I haven’t been running missions much lately, my trade ops and manufacturing have taken over, lets just say I’m making way ■■■■■■■ more than I was mission running.

and yea, lowsec ticks probably don’t make sense to talk about as most of that income should be mission related, either standard agents or FW. Or possibly exploration related.


The mechanic missing here is the one where the more people doing it, the less valuable it becomes to do it.


So I’ve developed a method for optimizing the farming of ISK. Yesterday on two separate instances I made 7b an hour. Is CCP going to nerf me next???

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Yes, extremely focused on anomic missions. I make around 1.6-1.8 bil/hr continuous.

Like I said, disgusting.

This is the bottom line, for sure.

Everyone should be aware that grinding in Eve is losing the internet. Badly.

Seriously, the only time I rat is when i want minerals to build stuff or when I need cash for skill books or something quick. Then I go run some anoms and get 100 mil or whatever is needed.

The idea of grinding, swapping RL time for isk… it is so whack I need to go lie down just thinking about it.

There is no job you could ever do that would pay as bad. So if you want to play, subscribe, and pay the salaries of the good folks at CCP.

Someone has to pay these folks, right? So the whole thing is to leave some meat on the bone. This is not a game for completely poor folks.

One of the reasons the community complain so vibrantly is because Eve is a different deal than most outer games. We know we are paying a massive premium. They know, too.

Everyone here appreciates the art work, and the occasional flashes of competence from the devs.


300 mil/h in high sec doing a lv4 missions? aha. sure.


You can reasonably expect 18-20M ticks in an ishtar or VNI with good skills doing havens or forsaken hubs.

With only basic skills, that may drop as low as 8-10M ticks.

A myrmidon will do around 6-10M, maybe as much as 12-15M with really good skills.

All of those are semi-afk - you make income without needing the pilot to do anything beyond drop drones and pay attention to intel and local, so even though you don’t even begin to compare to what carriers and supers make, or to more lucrative income sources like burner missions and incursions, it’s a low-effort activity that can scale linearly with number of accounts.


Take out credit card. Buy 2000 plex. 6 billion isk. 30 seconds.

Don’t be a scrub.