Ratting, missions, anoms, high sec low sec etc

It’s been years and years since I played this game. I was hoping to get a few questions answered, not with the usual “oh, go ahead and do this cuz it’s so risky” just…generic info, i’ll digest the risks myself. In the old days my friends and I did lots of stupid, but fun things. There was ap oint where you could super-mine in a super carrier more effectively than a hulk…strange days. Took marauders into 0.0 to do anomalies, all sorts of stupid things, just for fun.

My question is…sooooo much has changed in the years…every post you find via google is outdated, youtube outdated, so hard to find good info. Here are some questions:

Isk makers comparisons: Assuming cost is not a factor in these questions, what pays out the most isk/hour/tick? High Sec mission running? 0.0 Anomaly Farming (bouncing from havens for example) Obviously this depends on the ship. I assume supercarrier ratting still far outstrips even the best golem in 0.0 (if you were dumb enough to do either). But what about mission running in high sec? How does any of that compare nowadays?

I know there’s stuff like wormholes that I simply don’t understand and other new ways of making isk I don’t get. But what are now considered the ‘absurd’ fits? are mauraders still the creme of the crop for missions? And how does that compare to just ratting in 0.0? What’s the most OP way to do each type ship-wise nowadays? Sorry if this is vague. I’m not really interested in hearing how a raven can do x y z…kinda just wondering what the new meta and rates are for these options in today’s game, or has it largely not changed at all?

I think I saw supercarriers got a dps boost with the right fitting, that was interesting.

I presume here you are referring by just shooting NPC rats . It’s been some time since I’ve printed ISK that way , I would presume it’s still ratting in a dreadnought in a C6 wormhole, followed by supercarrier ratting in 0.0 .

If you are referring to highsec level 4 missions , Golem is still king , yes. For level 5’s in lowsec , carrier.

depending on what you are wanting to do… If blitzing L4’s Golem is the worst. you’d want a TFI Lawnmower® for that.

That is correct too , you can optimize some other ships for blitzing some missions faster than a Golem , I have considered it overall , all round swiss army knife.

For blitzing lvl 4’s, I was using HAC’s. I just cloned jumped through the 4 empire’s to keep my standing even.

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level 5 mission running in carrier - i note you didn’t say “super carrier”. Again…been years…I vaguely recall not being able to mission in a carrier due to the jumps inside them? it’s foggy so long ago. Can supers do these as well? Or are supers just stuck with anomalies…I’m hearing some peole tlak about 400-500 mil an hour in a super just doing anoms.

When you say “blitzing” missions…taht just means killing and not looting? Also, why would you need to jump around to dif factions? If I do missions for 1 empire too much will something bad happy/get hostile to others? Thanks for all the info. Though…With these high end setups, what are the #'s…like how much can u make carrier mission 5’s compared to super anom hunting, compared to blitzing 4’s etc?

lastly, wtf is a tfi lawnmower?

I’ve never been in the wormholes yet, sounds interesting. Seems like you’d get killed a lot ratting with a dread in a place that you can’t see local?

yes. You go “hit and run”, accept only valuable missions.

Many people with different experiences.
I timed my sessions, wrote them on a spreadsheet, accounted for LP (not loot) and I was doing on the minimum 100M isk and 100k LP per hour, so approx 300M/h.
Per toon. I did that with several toons. Now it’s been a long time, did it again recently, same figures except the LP are lower so maybe 250M/h ?

Also did some exploration (anoms) in HS, approx 150M/h when doing the ded sites. with only one toon.

All my times include all the preparation required(so it’s from logging in to log off), except buying ammos since I do it by bulk of 100k of each. Also I produce a lot of them.

It seems like, for 1 account, nothing even remotely touches the supercarrier 0.0 anom farming that we used to do. But it seems even better now with the dps boost?

Though…I’ll have to look for a fit for the level 5 carrier missions. that sounds like fun, and less risky perhaps

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