Returning to game looking for help

returning after along break and wanting to focus on ratting or pve mission running for isk gain but not really sure if im doig it right and all the info i find out there seams to be out of date. looking for some people that can help answer questions i have and see if im on the right track

Ask any questions you have here, no problem. Not only you will see them but perhaps others might find them useful also.

There is a section of the forums called “PVE gameplay center” you might find useful as well.

for null sec ratting what is the best way to ratt is is just kill or loot and kill only playing with one account

If you are part of a group ask them if they want the loot and/or salvage to build stuff. Otherwise it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth your time to loot and/or salvage or do more missions with that time.

Always check out things that have a name markedly different from the others, though, they might have good stuff in them.

is it worth doing ratts on the belts or combat sites and missions only?

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