Alpha Newbie Ratting

Hi, I would like to ask about ratting as I’ve heard that’s its the best way for an alpha to earn isk. I know the several types of ratting but I’m not sure which type of ratting to do and what ship to use and how to fit it.

Currently this is what I have:


125mm Railgun 1 x5

Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
1 MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Medium Shield Extender I

Co-Processor I
Damage Control I
Drone Damage Amplifier I

Small Ancillary Current Router I x2
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I

Hobgoblin I x12

Not cap stable, runs out in 4 min 32 secs
7k-ish ehp
180-ish dps


Use this instead.

[Algos, *Simulated Algos]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

you need a way to repair your shields if your going to shield tank it. look up small shield booster

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@Chocolate_Pickle thanks for the fit suggestion. For what anomaly levels will it work for?

Any other suggestions for ships I could get after the Algos?

Yep, the Vexor

Thanks, I now know what ships to get and a rough fitting.

Regarding ratting locations, is going belt ratting or going to the anomalies more profitable?

This is false.

Shields regenerate on their own.

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Anomalies, purely for the fact that belt ratting involves bouncing from belt-to-belt a lot. Don’t be afraid to try both, however.

I’d suggest looking in sparsely populated areas like Minmatar space for anoms.

@Xandar_Dice I do not know who told you that ratting was the best way to earn ISKs but I would have to disagree on that statement (all relatively though). Well it can be profitable but it very much depends on a few factors such as; Account state (Alpha or Omega), Region of space (HS, LS, Null or WH), System Security rating, Skill Points (as in how good skills you have for your chosen ship) as well as ship class (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, BC or BS).

I would rate activities as follows (Best to Lowest ISK/hour):

  • High Security Space

    1. Incursions: HQs or Vanguards (not really an option for Alphas at this time)
    2. DED complexes
    3. Exploration: Relic sites - chance based activity
    4. Mining
    5. Ratting
      1. Anomalies - can be done for a chance to get an escalation into DED site
      2. Belt ratting
  • Low Security Space - Be prepared to fight

    1. Faction Warfare
    2. Exploration: Relic sites - chance based activity
    3. Incursions: HQs or Vanguards
    4. DED complexes
    5. Anomalies - can be done for a chance to get an escalation into DED site
    6. Mining
    7. Belt Ratting
  • Null Security Space

    1. Exploration: Relic sites - chance based activity
    2. Anomalies (excluding Cap ships) - with the right setup and with 4-5 people in fleet. can be done for a chance to get an escalation into DED site, also carries the risk of spawning capital rats
    3. DED complexes
    4. Incursions - it can be very risky to run in null unless you happens to be the occupying alliance but even so still not without risk.
    5. Mining (excluding Rorq mining)
    6. Belt Ratting - in systems of -0.8 to -1.0 there is a chance to get Officer spawns. Chance/Risk of spawning Cap rats

As you mentioned the Algos (Gallente Destroyer) I assume you are Gallente, you may want to look into the Vexor (Gallente Cruiser). It is a ship of great versatility and one of the most used ships.

I wish you luck and fly safe o7

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I found that in HS exploration sites, data sites were slightly better vs. relic. In LS, they were about equal. In NS, relic wins hands down.

Either you have been very lucky with your Data site or unlucky with your Relic sites, or both, in general terms Relic sites will yield more value than Data sites in about 9/10 times (in my experience)

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Thank you for this summary! Now I know what to do :slight_smile:

I don’t know why you rate low sec DEDs so low, in my experience they are one of the most profitable activities in game, if you can run them quick. For example, a Sansha 5/10 can be run in 15 minutes or faster with the right set up, it awards a minimum of 50m (overseers effects plus bounties only) and up to 500m if you get a good drop from the end boss.

You also forgot to include unrated combat sites (scannable ones, not the anomalies) in your list. Some of those, and especially their escalations, can also be quite profitable. (Again, if you’re set up to run them quickly…)


All you say is true, the thing is that running (or hunting for them) is or can be very time consuming and that kills the otherwise good ISK/hour potential they do have, not to mention that it is also based on chance (luck). Taking all this into account is why I’m ranking it so low. I’d like to see you run a 5/10 DED with an Alpha accout, for the time being it is next to impossible. However with the changes coming to Alphas it certainly will be possible :slight_smile:

Just tried exploring and I don’t like it, scratched off the list. Haven’t really got into serious ratting as I’m still training skills to allow for the fit recommended above, so mining for now.

For reliability, I rate mining 10/10.

You hunt for them while hunting for relic sites (or while hunting for juicy explorers inside relic sites) finding the DEDs is a bonus. A solo alpha might have trouble running them, but a pair of alphas in an RR setup should be able to tank most DEDs.

So my Algos is now up and running around killing battleships like nothing (serpentis clone transport ships are scary though), I already bought a Vexor which has been collecting dust for a couple days now, any suggested fits?

(Take your time, I still gotta wait 9 days for Drones V :frowning:)

I’m doing Level 4 security missisons in hisec. Where do they fall on your list? Above or below DED complexes?

It would probably be between mining and DED, so that’s put it on par with Exploration possibly (maybe below it depending on your luck with sites)

Why do vets always use acronyms when describing things? Well I guess in this instance on a post for a newbie?