Rokh PvE?

So… i am currently ratting in Gurista space using Ferox. It just happened so that my hybrids skills are much better than missiles, hence why i am not using Drake. I get around 503 dps on Ferox (441 + 62 from drones), and with T2 tank it can easily farm hubs and even sanctums (albeit slowly and more carefully). What bothers me though is reward - 7mil ticks are kinda… small. I am looking to improve my ratting, and I guess i need a better ship for the job. What would you recommend? My guess is Gila, though with my current skills it only does 465 combined dps (missiles + drones).

Are there any other options? Rokh? Naga? Maybe i should skill into other race ships?

You might look into what kind of numbers you get with a Praxis. Since its happy with any type of main weapon and uses drones alongside. It is slow to move though. But fairly quick about getting into warp.

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Are you part of a corporation or alliance in Guristas’s space?
If so, they should be able to help you figure out what’s best for ratting.

Currently, the most “efficient” way to rat is by using Myrmidons or Dominixes. As drone boats, they have the advantage of selectable damage type (since you can just pick the drones that do the best damage against any rats). On top of that, since Drones manage themselves, they’re very low effort and easy to run without much attention.

Your ticks are based on the bounties you accrue every 20 minutes, the more you kill, the higher your ticks will be. 7m is definitely on the lower end, though you should be able to hit around 15m-18m with a fairly decent skilled Gila / Dominix.

as scoot said: dominix etc for ratting will provide you 50Mish/h in null.
Ferox is not good imo, bad tracking for small frigs etc

here is my advice:
fit a dominix (cheap) with mjd, tank, drone dam amplifiers, drone link augmentor and drone nav computer (in case you have to switch from sentries to heavies/lights) and omnidir tracking link with range script (and tracking script in cargo). have good skills for sentries
Warp at 70-100km
drop sentries
sentries will oneshot the smal ships which burn toward you (no angular)
and then focus cruisers/Bcs/Battleships

IIRC the best sites for subcap ratting are forsaken hubs

haven and sanctum are fine too.

forlorn have a retard amount of elite with huge ehp/sig and average bounty, so it sucks to kill them. and your drones will die.
Besides that, hubs are good.

depends if you salvage/lot or not. With efficient salvaging I was 80M/h with VNI, ishtar, and gila. rattle was 80M/h without salvaging. So now VNI is no more farm, but I guess you should have same values with ishtar/gila.

(loot and salvage were evaluated at jita BO -10%, site reward before tax)

50Mish was just for bounties.

Damn, 80mil/hour? What was your fit for Gila? It’s most fitting ship for my skills atm.

Why not use guristas BS tool to do the job vs guristas? :wink:

Don’t remember. The VNI was same but with less price so I stuck to the VNI.

I was doing average 60M/h from bounties, excluding commanders.

I know it because I wrote the start (the moment I undock), the end, the loot, and the amount of isk, as well as commander, for like 20H of farming, for the VNI fit. Only did like 2H for other fits (and the number were the same so … :confused: )
I did rattle a bit but the difference in price meant it was a much worse investment (even though it allowed me to bait a legion).

This guy is wrong, please don’t listen to him.
If you’re on 1 account and salvaging, you are actually losing isk/hr because salvaging is near worthless for a single site. You’re better off moving your ratting ship to another Anomaly and clearing it out for bounties.

If you’re on multiple accounts, salvaging may be worth it, but then you have to factor in the additional cost of needing to keep both subscribed as Omega. While it’s do-able on it’s own, you will not be making 80m/hr as this kid claims.

If you’re perfectly skilled with a Ishtar and do nothing but chain Rock Havens constantly by yourself in an empty system, at best, you’re looking at ~60m/hr, which is about 20m x3 ticks. The claim that the kid is trying to suggest is that the “efficient salvaging” alone will be able to make up the difference in almost double the DPS between a VNI and a Rattlesnake is hilariously laughable, and wrong. (Which is why he put the word “efficient” in there, to try and give himself an excuse when called out).

Go into ratting expecting 15m ticks, not 27m ticks. @Anderson_Geten is a liar.

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A good skilled old VNI could make around 60m/h
With medium skills (Cruiser 4, Drone Inter 4, faction drones) i was only getting around 45m/h.
New VNI has alot less DPS, so lower ticks.

Salvaging/ looting depends on the NPC. Drop an MTU and salvage like 5 sites, get your average value and think if its more time efficient to loot or run more sites. If you wanna loot/salvage drop MTUs, bookmark them and collect them/salvage after you did 3 or so sites, so you waste less time reshipping

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as often i agree with scoots, here about the isks loss while salvaging instead of doing another anomaly

PS: (but i would not call anderson a liar, maybe he is just wrong …)

Edited out the insulting comments.
~ISD Sakimura

All my values were taken for ONE account used.
So yes, when I made the figures, looting and salvaging (at 90% jita BO) was definitely increasing the income per hour of gameplay.

No, it’s scoot that is completely dumb.

Please make real figures about the value of salvage+loot from a site, and the time it takes to get it. Not approximate, real figures, considering the time you start, till the time you stop, and writing the time you do the salvage.

Now maybe the figures I made are no more correct. Also it depends on the rats, I made those figures for serpentis and guristas and guristas were a bit lower.

Let’s see the logs then. Boot up your one account, and give us a screenshot of your ticks that support your claim of 80m/hr.

Are you trying to suggest that there’s a significant difference between the NPC rats when it comes to your isk/hr, holding everything else the same?

I am not trying to suggest, I told it very explicitly.

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I guess this is supposed to be your “proof” that you can make 80m/hr one a single account by clearing the site and “efficiently” salvaging the wrecks. If anyone wants to try it, give it a shot, you’ll learn very quickly that @Anderson_Geten is both wrong and a liar.

Of course, don’t ask him for a fit, he’ll brush it aside and give you all sorts of excuses as to why he can’t find the fit again, even though it’s such a good fit it allowed him to make 80m/hr.

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That’s not.
The proof, I have it, and that’s why I say you can.
Nowhere did I say I was willing to give you the data I took the time to acquire.

Let’s see it.

Ah, so you “have proof” but just won’t share it with us.
And you’re expecting us to trust you with this.


I’m not trying to convince you. Just like I won’t try to convince a pig that there exist things that allow men to fly through the sky.

I don’t even expect anything from you.
Just because you don’t know how to do something, you claim it’s not possible.
That’s a very strong proof of stupidity.

Ah, so you’re gonna take the approach of.
“I know how to do something better than you, but instead of helping the OP, I’m gonnna just insult people in the thread.”

Here are the numbers for ticks back when I was at the height of my nullsec ratting, using a perfectly skilled VNI.

My experience (and the proof I can provide to support it) is what tells me that you should expect 15m-18m ratting in nullsec with a Dominix/Ishtar. With near/perfect skills, you’re looking at around ~20m ticks, which gives you 60m/hr.

But somehow, you’re saying you can get 80m/hr by “efficiently salvaging” on a single account. So you’re telling me that in 20 minutes, you can make 20m isk from bounties PLUS an additional 7m from just salvage, while keeping pace with someone who is constantly chaining sites? Please.

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