Alpha Clone Ratting: What's the best way?

So as an alpha with more skills to train now, I’m wondering what kind of ratting I should do for the most income. Here’s what im considering:

  1. Highsec DED/Expeditions
  2. Nullsec Anomaly/Belt Ratting
  3. WH Ratting

Drawbacks I’m concerned with:

  1. People take all the sites and my underaverage luck doesn’t help
    2 and 3. Some dude decides he wants another kill

I really can’t decide, and I only play 1h sessions.

My vote is Highsec DED/Expeditions

Because that’s how I got started and got hooked to Eve.

3 is best, 1 is worst.

I’d say nullsec anoms. Mainly because of how fast you can get into a VNI capable of easily pulling in 40-50m in bounties an hour compared to WH ratting (which I’ve heard is much more skill intensive).

Or at least start with that and train toward something requiring more skills while you build a nice beginning wallet.

You cant really beat null ratting in a vni for an early goal. You can use wormholes from high to null and avoid all those pesky gate camps.

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