VEXOR ratting

I started Eve about 2 months ago, and I’m still bad at this game. But I soon can get Vexor, and if I do, then I want to do ratting to earn money and buy VNI. But when I search on google about vexor ratting, it didn’t get me anywhere. So can you guys give me suggestions, fits, any tips about vexor ratting? No VNI ratting, but VEXOR ratting.

Yes but actualy no. What rats ? Where (High Sec, Low, Null?) .

The more specific you are. The better the community can help you


Hi there, fellow newbro :slight_smile:

I started playing in Fall of 2020 myself and i’m currently doing highsec PVE ratting in a regular Vexor. I’m an Alpha, btw. I just managed to reach my first 500 mil ISK; i know that might not be much by veteran standards, but it works for me :wink:

Anyway, all i did was to follow this dudes’ video guide; he’s using a Vexor to farm ISK from escalations in high sec, the tutorial is for Alpha players (he has some other nice tutorials too):

The fit he’s using is linked in the video description; since i dont have all the necessary skills yet, i modified it a bit to work with my Alpha tier 1 skills, but i can assure you it works for most of the lower tier sites and escalations.

Like the dude explains in the video, i made a long route through highsec space and fly through it, looking for Hideaways and Refuges. Every now and then (the chance is about 5% afaik) these spawn an escalation and that’s where you get the more valuable loot.
If you’re an Alpha, you should probably skip any escalations in low sec, since we can’t have cloaking devices and are easy targets (been there, done that, got poded).

Even though it takes some time and grinding to find escalations, the regular loot also stacks up and can be sold or reprocessed. Hope that helps! o7


I’m intending to deploy a jump clone in nullsec.

I see that you’re planning to move to nullsec. Vexor might be a bit short against nullsec anomalies, especially for a newer character.
If you can, I’d recommend a Myrmidon. It can offer more tank to protect you as you learn the ropes, and also provide slightly higher damage to further help your wallet.

Be careful that being alone in nullsec space is a dangerous endeavour. If you feel like, I’d recommend joining a newbie nullsec corporation that will teach you better how to live there, have a bunch of people to speak with and maybe a few gifts to help you start out.


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