First Steps as an Omega

(Rose Frost) #1

Hello, it’s me again…

I’m getting to the point of plexing my account (shame on me) and I was wondering what should my first actions be in regards to setting up a base to be able to (hopefully) plex regularly.

Atm Im living in nullsec and my activities are mostly exploring, gas mining in WH and ratting a bit. The latter one is probably the most steady stream of income, but with Alpha skills and Alpha ships I have about 200dps which is not nearly enough to make ratting profitable. A friend of mine rats in a Vexor Navy issue with (according to him) 736 dps and claims it’s about 70 mil of semi-passive income, since you only launch drones at 50km and watch everything die.

Now, I find this idea very appealing because it’s much easier than look for gas sites or data/relic sites, bc you might get unlucky and waste hours of your time. I was also think that as I’m Caldari, I should probably stick to Caldari ships for now since any ship is going to take me way less to train than other races. But what ship should I go for for ratting? Or is this not the direction I should take? I would appreciate any kind of thoughts on this.

And to anyone who will think things like: “you shouldnt try to Plex, bc you wont have fun, it will feel like a job, etc” I am fully aware of the fact that it CAN escalate into that and I’m not willing to let it happen, because I have tons of other things to do, like working, studying, etc. So I am going to try if it is possible with the amount of spare time I have and if it’s not so be it, but please don’t try to discourage me.

ty for reading all of this!

(Korban Price) #2

I chose the VNI ratter as my go to ship for making isk. i have also trained up an alt so i can double team a site with two VNI’s and 10 drones at once. giving me 1000 DPS (just assign the alts drones to your main and control the warp with fleet warps ETC.) my main VNI is speed fit with 2 gecko build, my alt is tank fit with 5 heavies race depending on your space)

With this combination, i dont have to worry about my alt as reppers are always on and it just keeps my main at 100-KM. and i can make 90 mill an hour easily.

However the dedication to the VNI skills will take a while, but you can easily pvp fit a regular vexor at anytime and go pew pew.

After my alt hit all drone 5 skills i started focusing on PI for passive income, and giving back to my corp. Its working out quite well, and i can either plex or skill inject once a month. :slight_smile:

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #3

As an omega, the instant you can fit a T2 tank and T2 weapons on a cruiser just about any of them will serve you well for ratting. I used to use a Caracal Navy Issue for roaming around low and nullsec, and it performed just fine by comparison.

I think the VNI is definitely an alpha-clone dreamboat but I wouldn’t say its the end all be all of ratting boats and caldari ships will serve you just fine as you get the ability to fit them a lot better.

(Rose Frost) #4

Cool, ty for the responses. I’m nowhere near 1k DPS, because I dont have the skills, but I think I’m going to go for mining, since RL is calling when University starts again :stuck_out_tongue:

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