Finding ratting grounds

What is your prefered method for finding good ratting grounds in high sec?

Kinda have to pick one or the other.

I’d suggest going to incursions.

It depends on what you’re hunting for, tags or bounties.
If you want a little bit of both, you have to get into 0.4-0.5 systems. The bounties start adding up quickly and you could find some valuable tags.
Just don’t be surprised when someone jumps in for no other reason than to kill you.

There is no real ratting in highsec, it isn’t worth it. Go join a nullsec alliance that you like and rat there for 40-50mil/h in a VNI. You often don’t even have to be on for that long. Depending on the corp you join it can just be 1-5 CTA’s per month required and then you are golden. As for Highsec, either burner missions or Incursions. For Incursions I can only recommend Warp To Me, their starter Battleships are like 250-350mil ISK and you do 120-180mil/h in my experience.

The only lucrative form of high-sec ‘ratting’ is by doing Level 4 security missions. And these get very tedious after you’ve done 10 of them. The money isn’t that great, and the loot is junk mostly except for the occasional drone parts. The biggest ships are worth around 900k - 1mil isk at best, and unfortunately there are a horrendous number of smaller (frigate and cruiser sized) ships to kill which are worth between around 11k - 150k in every mission you do. The smaller ships also murder your drones if you’re not careful, lowering your income because you have to replace them.

Nullsec ratting is more fruitful, but too dangerous. You end up using half your time looking for enemies on local and the other half repeating the same actions for that slightly better than low/highsec profit. Repetitive, drearisome, and tedious in my opinion. You may also end up losing more than you make depending on your level of experience and/or the rats/pvp encounters.

Some players recommend incursions. Unfortunately these aren’t for players who enjoy solo ratting to make their isk. You have to follow pre-set ship builds of the incursion group you join, and sometimes you have to wait around for players. Higher income may be ‘guaranteed’, but in my opinion the level of fun is extremely low for my personal tastes as there isn’t much room for individuality. On the other hand, you may find it enjoyable :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend burner missions to a beginner, or to anyone looking for a straightforward way to make income. This type of mission requires you to pilot a frigate (no other ship class allowed), and the ship + fitting will cost you somewhere in excess of 300 million isk. These missions are incredibly difficult. There are youtube videos to help. It’s very high-end pve gaming for those who like the thrill of being on the edge (meta-gaming).

There are players who claim to be solo wormholers who make billions of isk per day on their own: believe me when I say they are either lying or using at least a handful of alts to boost their income simultaneously. So in the end they are putting in vast quantities of their own resources to make back large amounts of income.

In my honest opinion the level of balancing/risk you face in this game greatly outweighs the fun you might want to receive from income through solo gameplay. Try a bit of everything if you like, and then choose something that’s preferable to you and slightly enjoyable, rather than focusing on isk.

That’s my advice.

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