Combat sites= Negative isk?

I did a combat site today for the first time this month. I killed 27 ships, a mix of frigates, destroyers, cruisers and a single sentry gun. I got a whole 326,000 isk and less the 1M isk in drops/salvage. This took place in High sec.

My repairs and resupply of ammo was greater then the value earned doing the site.

Did I just get a bad drop? Did CCP play with the loot drop table this pass patch? Did CCP change the bounties on NPC this pass patch?

Sounds like an appropriate reward for the complete lack of risk, tbh.

Use cheaper ammo and active reps.


Most of the rewards are in the rare chance of factions rats and/or escalations.

Also, once your skills get higher, you should be able to clear these rats using less ammo.

Lastly, you can cut down your repair costs by repairing at citadels (free) instead of stations.


You hit as many anomalies as possible and combatsites that you scan too. When you´ve got enough escalations out of the anomalies you chew through them. And you don´t salvage or loot worthless stuff. You want generally Deadspace and factionstuff. Its kind of a numbers game. Throw enough stuff at a wall and something sticks…
If your doing it right, you can get up to approx. 3b a month out of it in highsec. IF you are lucky, that is…

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That means 30*16 = 480 hours, assuming 8h/day to sleep.
so 6.25 M/h.

Sorry, that is crap.


Well my cruiser was down in the structure, so risk versus reward is right. Not worth the risk! As for using cheaper ammo, if I could buy it cheaper I would but that is not going to happen.

If your cruiser is in structure in high sec, you’ve done something very wrong.


Sorry to the OP for this off topic one here but I couldn’t help it.

I wish I had time to play EVE 16 hours a day, my sessions are usually limited to a few hours a day.
Back when I cared about isk/hour I never actually calculated isk/hour but rather isk/day. So when PLEX was 1.2b I knew I needed to make about 40m isk/day to PLEX for the 30 days.

He uses “month” which is a unit of time.

Just because you can’t play 16hours a day does not mean you should not.
Actually there is an issue, I should have used 24 hours per day, because I guess some people don’t need to sleep.

My point is, that describing an activity worth in term of isk per month is a bad description.

In Eve online, a month is 30 days, a days is 24 hours minus DT.
So when you say “a month” this means

  • EITHER the total duration of this month,
  • OR a personal, subjective, number of hours you play in the month, which by definition is not known by other participants of this discussion (because personal)

So without further information, “a month worth” is 24*30 hours.

And since we talk about activity and isk, this is for comparison, so we need to have a comparable base of information when we discuss. isk/hour of activity, while not perfect(typically activities need warmup, preparation, need some activity eg trading) , is comparable so I translate your isk/month into isk/hour because comparison sake.

Talking about “a month worth” is just as interesting as talking about the gas your car uses per trip.
Unless of course you always do the same trip and the people you are talking to also do the same trip.

I just ran another site, 16 ships a mix of frigates, destroyers and 2 sentry guns. 192,625 in bounties and a whole 193,000 in loot/salvage. Looks like CCP nerfed the heck out of bounties and loot drops this patch. Guess it is time to see how bad the level 4 missions got nerfed too!?

HighSec combat anomalies have two purposes I can think of: First one is to be a training ground for newbies. You can test ships and fits in a mostly secure environment while you learn some basic mechanics. Second purpose is the escalation lottery that will at some point lead you into lowsec systems for the final sites. If you want to get a somewhat decent payout for shooing down combat anomalies you have to move to lowsec at least. May be you can detect a pattern here?

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HS combat sites contain

  • anomalies sites
  • ded rated signatures
  • unrated signatures
  • unrated escalations

(the rated escalations are the same as ded rated signatures)

so talking about “combat site” is as precise as saying you “did something”. Each type of combat site require specific actions, fit.

HS combat sites can have very decent drops, once I had luck and made 1B in less than an hour (including scanning several systems, getting my ship, finishing the site and going back)

If one site per month is what makes up your statistics, you will have to wait a long time before you will see some gain in a form of maybe high sec escalation location and then dank loot.

You have to run them constantly, dozens a day.

One was a hidden angel hideaway and other was a forlorn angel hideaway.

Yeah this looks awefully low, even for highsec. What would you say is the average hourly income in highsec for someone who’s doing the ratting thing?

what ship are you using? Have you considered using a drone boat? cut down on ammo cost.

You should not rat in high sec because of bounties, you get escalations from them and faction spawns, that is why people run them.

These dont escalate and are a time waste actually: Hidden, Forsaken and Forlorn.
I heard only one site of this kind escalate and it is in low sec and is not confirmed.

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That’s because they’re frigates and destroyers. Sounds like a simple high sec Den site to me to be honest. I run the low sec versions of those in an atron when I’m bored.

I think doing L4s without specialization, means at least 50M for a “full clear” and 100M for a blitz, without big bling, per hour.

if you do burners you can go 150M/h without huge bling/investment. The bounties+reward should be around 50M per hour(easily)
The agent/team mission have a ratio of LP/directisk from reward/bounty around 6LP/5kdirectisk ; considering a 1.8 kisk/lp that means 10.8 lpisk for 5directisk. It’s easy to get more than 2kisk/lp and also more than 50M directisk per hour, so that is the bare minimum

If you do HS ded sites you can do the same valueI think, however I personaly only got 100M/h. It’s funnier that burners but not better, unless you have deep knowledge of signatures spawning. I’ve known of people doing consistently over 300M/h by exploration in HS. it however require to use the organ known as brain, there is no magic formula, and competing with people can increase your gain by a good amount(ie having an alt analyzing what people are doing in a site to spend the least time fighting and “steal” the site; basically you scan for people doing sites rather than the sites themselves).


Thanks for this info, I had no idea. It’s obviously more than 6M/h but I didn’t think ratting in Highsec can bring in that much ISK. Not yet sure what to think of it, when comparing it to Null or Lowsec.