What are the actual ISK/h rates in Highsec?

I think to move from 0 to highsec. But I don‘t know what money I can make. So give me a hint what’s in with L4 etc.

If you min max in highsec I guess it would be around 100-250mil/hour compared to the 200-500mil/hour of lvl 4’s in low sec.

In null I’m not sure.

You can also take abyssal running into account for highsec so if you solo frigate in high its about 100mil/h

If you solo cruiser its between 100mil(t4 in a 500m fit) and 500mil (t6 in a 5b fit) an hour depending on what class and how much you want to risk.

Mining is like 120m/h if you are doing gas I think ore is not worth it.

I heard ded’s can be 1b / hour uncontested and you are able to run 10 an hour but that’s very hard to pull off, so realistically 50-150 ish

Apparently running the triglaving sites in a marauder is also like 100-200mil/h

If you are used to null, high sec will be boring for you come to low sec is my opinion, high sec is for new players, or people that need to leave at a moment’s notice “work/kids”, or gankers.

risk reward is High → Sov Null → Low → NPC null → WH

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Honestly there aren’t many options to make “enough” (about 100milhr) to stay omega in HS. (Rightfully so with the low-risk HS brings it also brings less areas to make ISK)

  • Got abyssal running if you wanna get into that. t3-t4 are solid ISK. Do them in a nice HS system and chill.

  • HS incursions are pretty big around 150-250mil hr with a good fleet. Requires hefty investment and is a full time commitment due to travel.

  • You could solo FOBs those pay around 28mil + LP+ station loot they drop.

  • Escalations in HS are nice those can drop faction items if you stick with it.

I don’t do HS explo so I wouldn’t know but with all explo highly RNG. HS no expectation. If you get lucky you can find a very RARE sleeper cashe site. Rule of thumb in EVE is as you get further from HS. Going from HS-LS-NS/WH space you will make more ISK and find more opportunity there. but with increased risk. Do your research see what you like.

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I can make up to 7.5 billion a minute. But those minutes don’t happen very often.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I can double your isk in 24h.
Minimum engagement: 1 billion.


I’ll let this table speak for itself:


Data was collected in early June, running the following set of missions:

Damsel in Distress
Right Hand of Zazzmatazz
Dread Pirate Scarlet
Recon 1/3
all Anomic Agents
Anomic Team Enyo
Anomic Team Hawk
Anomic Team Jaguar
Anomic Base Serpentis
Anomic Base Angel Cartel

No boosters were used (the Halcyon boosters are pretty good, Glamourex are OP), volatile drops (faction modules, Zor Hyper-Link) were not included.

Since then I’ve started to run Team Vengeance again, which should increase my ISK/h further.

With these numbers, at the rate SoE LP exchange at ISK/h are about 220-250 million.


and ending in 2 weeks T_T Interesting your values are similiar to my low sec ones: Glamourex is very much needed for low sec missions, if it where removed high sec would become more profitable for missions.

I hate running damsel in destress that explosion at the end wrecks my frigs.

Triple box T6 Abyss in Frigs, 1.2b/hr or so, do it anywhere.


Keep in mind that since I am in highsec I can drop much heavier (and blingier) assets on the missions, making up for my lower LP and bounties.

Back when I was running L4s in lowsec for a short while (and believe me, I could write a long rant about lowsec L4s), I used this fit for running Damsel:

[Manticore, Damsel]

Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

Sensor Booster II
1MN Afterburner II
Missile Guidance Computer II
Missile Guidance Computer II

Polarized Torpedo Launcher
Polarized Torpedo Launcher
Polarized Torpedo Launcher
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
[Empty High slot]

Small Bay Loading Accelerator II
Small Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I

The pleasure hub explosion has a limited range, so by using a long-range bomber I was able to safely stay out of range and destroy the hub.

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Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

Abyssal Medium Shield Extender
1mn Abyssal Afterburner
Republic Fleet Small Cap Battery
Gistii B-Type Small Shield Booster

Torpedo Launcher II
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Torpedo Launcher II
[Empty High slot]
Torpedo Launcher II

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small EM Shield Reinforcer II

Inferno Rage Torpedo x500
Inferno Javelin Torpedo x500
Caldari Navy Inferno Torpedo x2620

I’m running this atm it might be able to tank it but a bit nervis to test it lol, can tank most sites thou.

But I’ll give your fit a try thanks.

I ran 3, 2 hour sessions yesterday…when i cash in the LP ill be able to sell the items later today for approx 3.2 Billion ISK. Divide that by 6 hours for your guys math.

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That’s overly simplified. How many ISk are you paying to the LP shop?

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can make an easy 2-3b per hour in Jita local

mostly AFK macro stuff, so you can watch Youtube


seems low as average mission runner does 19 hours per day

Clearly sarcasm.
Aiko and I have been a thing for a few months now. Get with the progam.

54 million ISK, per item, 5 runs for less than 5k in minerals, 51 minutes to build, 1,200 ISK per build slot…but when you made 400 million ISK in bounties, and 500 million ISK in salvage and loot, you sell the Salvage and loot… buy the LP items, build, transport, sell them…

Edit: ran those missions I talked about in a Tengu, 385 million ISK fit at 989 dps(paper) before you ask.

Highsec Miner RATES
-Miners have a standard rate to mine in highsec immediately after the purchase of a mining permit for 30’000’000 isk. Otherwise if caught without a permit then the Rates will go up and then it will cost you 100’000’000.
-Bonus Rates are also available at the following tiers: 315 million, 1 billion, 10 billion, 50 billion, and 100 billion. Though these higher rates are for a special kind of situation such a multiboxing mine rates.

Please don’t shoot, safety is on and I am only bringing this message forward as the Rates are of discussion here today.

Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to work, but you can actually make pretty good money in HS nowadays. Besides abyssals, incursioners are now hitting up to 350mil/hr, mission blitzers 250mil/hr, and I’ve heard reports of HS explorers hitting similar numbers as well (although I wasn’t able to replicate it, and I don’t know if it was due to poor optimization on my part, bad RNG, the fact that I don’t contest [I’m a nice guy on my PvE’ers], or exaggerated claims).

And now, it’s even easier to opt out of war decks, and the threat of ganking has been reduced to little more than a joke. I mean, the biggest threat to my PvE’ers in HS is not PvP, or even rats, but DC’s. In fact, a lot of guys have been coming from null to HS to make isk, and a bunch of nullbears are comparing the risk to reward ratios of both areas of space in order argue that nullsec needs more reward.

Long story short, the risk to reward ratio of HS is off, and something does need to be done. I know, ask 10 different people what an appropriate risk to reward ratio is, and you’ll get 9 different answers, plus one guy offering to double your risk. But this is supposed to be Everyone Versus Everyone, and not Peanut Grinding In Safety. So, I’d rather see risk increased, than reward dropped. It means the guys who know how to manage the risk of PvP get to keep their rewards, HS remains relatively target rich, and HS PvP gets a bit of a revival. And if it means that a bunch of people who don’t want to play a challenging UPvP game leave, then I’m fine with that. Obviously, I want as many people playing as possible, but not if it means compromising what Eve is, and turning it into a “westworld” style game, where people can pretend like they’re badasses overcoming adversity in a dangerous environment, but in reality, they’re in no danger and can’t lose.


Hisec Exploration used to pay a lot, and still does if you are lucky. Data sites drop a decent amount of loot 10-15m, Ghost sites used to drop good loot but that is down to 10m or so on average plus bpcs. Superior Sleeper Cache can hit 1b including bpcs, for 20 minutes work, Standard and Limited drop less but still worthwhile. Drone sites drop Astero chips and those are profitable now, rare drops are Stratios chips. DED sites are where the money is, but you need the right site and the escalations. The right escalation, which usually means a run into Low sec can drop 1b modules. Its very RNG and CCP appear to have nerfed the drop rates too, some sites never drop what they used to.


I just made over 200k literally in not even 30 seconds. I sh- you not.