The golden question - best isk/hr outside wormholes

ideally i just wanna undock and make a bit of isk quick with minimal effort, carrier ratting?

Do you want to make isk with the least amount of effort? Or do you want to make the most isk you can? Or do you want to find a balance between the two?

A nice balance. I’ve done most things PvE from dreads in a C5 to level 4’s but I want to do something casual with a decent isk return and low risk-ish if youre smart to fuel a bit of pvp. So something in between C5’s and level 4’s.

I think the best and easiest is if you send me all your ISK and I double it for you.


Trading, also the best -isk/hour how to lose everything in 30 days if you are not careful :smiley:

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It’s spelled “lose” - single “o”.

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You are in a WH corp, nothing will come even close.

You have the choice between 1 hour of dread reatting or 10 hours of carrier ratting.

If you really want some low effort income you could join incursion fleets. That should be around 200m/h, but its also super boring.

Hei! Would you allow a player like me in your group?

Which group?

You are on a forum alt, he has no idea who you even are…and aren’t you already loaded? For a second I thought you might be Op’s alt but your personality is way too different.

Hey man, I have several in-game characters, I mostly do ganks. I was absent because I did a stint in prison. I’m just getting back into the game now.

Just head on the youtube and look for tier 6 abyssal 1 billion/ hour video where you buy a Deacon and two assault frigates and run tier 6 abyssal sites in under 20 minutes each and earn 1 billion an hour with 70-90% success rates.
At 1 billion an hour you can afford to lose 300 million in frigate cost. And you only need 3 accounts, which you can insert with cheat stix.

Another reason, to remove Abyssal abnormality from the game.

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oh dear me, so the income expectancy is like at least +700m/hr ish?
That’s indeed good income, but with 3 accounts…… :pensive:
Frown in Omega

Same as wormhole income with 3 accounts but with much cheaper setup and 0 chance of players blowing you up.


75% rate means that out of 4 runs in an hour, 3 runs net you 330M each, and one costs 330M to keep playing, so effectiveley you are doing 660M/h so 220M/h/account.

Also remember that whatever is not blue/red loot is going to go down in value if more people farm it.


The percentage values are rounded and not 100% accurate. Watch the video and you will know.
The guy explains all the rooms in detail and how he made 16 billion in 1 or 2 days.

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