Ways to make isk killing npc other than missions

Returning after 5 years. Do not want to join a corp until after the holidays. I hate L4 missions. How is belt ratting these days? Can you solo kill any of these new factions that are new to me. I will be looking for a pvp corp soon.

look into abyssal deadspace, incursions or something like running combat sites

then you probably gonna get heavily limited/biased based on area of space said corp will operate. Unless you decide to make isk on out of the corp character.

You can always go anomaly hunting if you don’t want to go for outright exploration (scanning down signatures, entering whs and such).

Belt ratting is slow, not really worth it if you have access to more difficult combat anoms. You could always pvp for isk in FW.

When I get bored i just hunt for pirate tags or mordu ships. The isk is still meh compared to what i could pull in null or doing abyssals.

I am pvp all he way. Just killing time and relearning he game.

If you want to earn some iskies while ridding high sec of the Sansha, check out Eve Rookies Incursions. The group is public and no strings attached meaning it doesn’t matter who you are or what corp/alliance you belong to. As long as you come war dec and kill right free, you can fly.

On top of this, I have ships that pilots can rent (the doctrine is in the link above). The cost is 250m that is returned when the ship is handed back in to the FC. This does a few things. It allows you to earn isk w/o investing anyting but your time and it allows you to decide if you want to invest time, sp and isk into getting into the higher level incursions.

Currently we’re running two types of fleets in 2 time zones.

Mon: 12:30 training fleet, 19:00 A Fleet
Tues: 19:00 training fleet
Fri: 12:30 and 19:00 training fleet
Sun: 19:00 training fleet

Training fleets means everyone is welcome no matter who you are. If you can get into a Praxis you can fly. These fleets bring in an average of 70-90m/hr. Income isn’t the main focus, fun and participation is.

A Fleets are for the pilots who are coming from the HQ groups or decided they want to invest in a better ship to fly with us in. There’s also very little to no hand holding (i.e. tags and call outs). Everyone knows what to shoot and when to do what. These fleets tend to bring in about 130-150m/hr.

(and for anyone stumbling on this… I AM looking for FCs in the US time zone or who can run on days in the AU/EU time zone that aren’t being run already!)

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