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Hi All,

Simply put, i want to make isk, and the two easiest ways are mining or anom ratting, i have done this in the past and would like to rebuild my wallet as its down to a lowly 2B.

I have experienced all walks of space and want to settle back in null for an easy life.



Hey mate. Making isk is always a desire. For me personally, the more I make, the more I can afford to lose :smiley:. If you’re willing to participate in PvP too then take a look a Brittas Empire. We live down in detorid and spend our time killing legacy and friends. We also have good ratting and mining space. If this interests you, come take a look on our website. There is access to our discord via that.

Fly safe my friend o7

Hi Shimrock,

That is one sexy looking website. I do like a side of PVP, but i cannot promise activity hence looking for the more PVE sided corp.

Fly safe!


Well, thankfully, we don’t require you to promise activity. Just when you’re online, be friendly. What ever you choose. Best of luck o7

The Easter Federation wants you !!!

We are a tight knit group of people focusing on the Fun things in Eve. We wanted to carve out our own part of Space without “The Blobs” help or mentality. Usually we do small to medium sized Fleets and roams around our home region of Scalding Pass. We have our own SOV (Not rented !! ) for everyone to make them iskies with mining or ratting. Our little family is formed of Veterans and new players alike and we can teach you everything you can or want to know in and around New Eden.


What we offer:

  • Eve Veterans in Alliance to answer all of your questions
  • SOV Nullsec for all kinds of ISK making
  • PvP from small roams to medium sized Alliance Fleets
  • A strong member driven community


What we are looking for:

​- Active pilots

  • Working Mic
  • Friendly attitude and willingness to train to our requirements.


If you feel we might be the right place for you or your Corporation then please join our Discord and message one of our Recruiters. Or add one of our recruiters as a friend on Discord:

[E-FED] Gralek Mena#5246 / [E-FED] Panda Pelling#2830

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