Best ISK per hour PvE top 3 in 2022?

Hey all I haven’t been doing any PvE in many years. The game has changed a lot and was just wondering what everyone thought the best top 3 isk per hour (or isk per week long term) is in the game right now. I can fly dread and carrier.

Start a newbie corp with a 10% tax rate and spam corp invites to everybody in the starter corp chat channel?

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lol fair play mate

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Seriously though, instanced abyssal running seems to be the current favorite. You have to fly through three rooms and loot what you can before the timer is up. It requires a special filament to start and takes 30 minutes or something to complete. Very occasionally you get a hell spawn that is almost unbeatable, but the payouts make up for occasional losses.

What you think about CRAB beacons? They seem pretty hyped at the beginning but you don’t hear much about them anymore after they left the test server.

They show up on the Eve map, so they are actually gank beacons unless you have some sort of umbrella protection

yeh there seems to be a debate about whether they show up immediately on map or after an hour or so. I have heard both.

It’s so hard to open the map and check. That it needs whole debate?

opening the map and checking proves what? if one has not had the opportunity to drop one and activate it (as you will need a capital and safe place to do it) then checking the map proves only that it shows up not WHEN it shows up.
but regardless, I have heard both, some people say it shows up instantly - like Xeux here. And other people I know with experience in the matter says it is delayed. Both sides of the debate has equal confidence in their opinion.
yes, one needs to check themselves, I will do so once I have the opportunity.

@Hadrian_Tobran - do you know which it is?

I can fly a venture.

With a 20 million ISK huffing fit, no implants, and the right kind of gas it huffs about 2M ISK per minute.

Of course, that excludes the time finding the gas, and you have to have a certain appetite for risk and operating volume-constrained logistics in potentially actively hostile space.

#1 C5/C6 Dread farming, 1B+ an hour per toon.
#2 C5 Marauder farming, 500+ mil an hour
#3 C3 ratting, any capable ship really, 200+ mil an hour

Call it wormhole bias but i heard marauders in NS make like 90 mil an hour. My tengu in a C3 can make 200mil an hour

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Me wonders if you can sustain that 1B+ 24/7?

So long as nobody shows up in the wormhole, perhaps?

Impossible. Sites don’t respawn that fast. And it’s not like there is infinite number of empty C5/C6’s they can rage roll each day.

They don’t respawn instantly ? Strange.

that 1B+ Mark yes. If you Farm at that level you probably own a C6 and can probably maintain a 24/7 farming between farm holes. Who rats 24/7 without burning them self out is a different breed lol I only rat 2 days a week tops to avoid burnout. Again this is like kreme of la Crop and these guys have massive corps behind them that compete for these holes which is not easy.

That being said there is a lot of work involved with owning high class holes, setting them up to rat and then keeping them.

For #2 marauder farming you get get 2-4 3-5 hour sessions in a week if you roll your c5 static,. All about doing it safe which requires a good amount of setup and even then can be foiled by a simple frigate causing you to lose a 4-7 Billion isk ship

why 24/7 do you only rat, no pvp / Industry gameplay?

When ever ratting theres always a degree of preparation. High class holes cut themselves off from the world by setting up hole control. Lower class holes intel is normally good enough to keep your ships alive, having scouts on holes as eyes and such, C3 runners can 9/10 times dis engage from a site immediately.

Where fun hunting content comes in is when people rat without scanning out the chain or setting up some sort of security. love decloak bubbling ratting praxi =)

No. But long time frame adds better perspective of what actual income is. Especially in more inconsistent activities

It shows up as soon as it’s activated