Best ISK per hour PvE top 3 in 2022?

It’s what Grendel said in exactly that order. Making any money in K space falls way short of W space. But you do need the setup. If you’re making a krab hole you need to get your structure, wait for sites to spawn, get hole control, get the boys on, then krab. C5s are the same except you can rat in other holes besides your own. See 30 sites? Ping the boys who like isk and absolutely rinse the hole for a bil or two per person depending on what sites you have.

I think I can do a garrison in like 20 to 25ish minutes at 250m a site.

You can also just buy a shitfit 350m praxis and do c3 sites all day no problem. 7 sites and you’ve made your money back.

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Yeah, see the problem with numbers 1 and 2 in the list are that they only account for time on field, not all the farting about to get a decent farmhole, prep etc.

That’s why the headline null numbers are far lower - moving system to system under a large alliance you can easily farm 24/7 in nullsec.

C5/6s, you’ll be doing well to find 1/4 ready for krabbing even if ragerolling, and then you got the prep to deal with (if you wanna be safe-ish).

Abyssals on the other hand can sit comfortably in between 1 and 2 (depending on class and shiptype), require zero prep and can be running within 30s of undocking.

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