Bounty amounts for null sec rats need adjusted, change my mind

Currently running incursions with groups like warptome can net you 31.5mil every 15 minutes or so. Theres hardly any risk here. Even with a greatly skilled pilot in a Vni or ishtar or Gila, you’re not really getting ON AVERAGE more than 16mil every 20 minutes in null sec anomalies.

And trying to compare supers and titans isk per tick with battleships doing hi-sec incursions isnt a fair comparison. Even clearing hubs in null sec and getting 15 mil a tick, and 12 mil in loot and salvage while you micromanage your noctis alt… You’re still not making more isk per hour than a hisec incursion.

Perhaps some adjustment is needed.

Well, you tried to compare cruiser income with Incursion BS income. :roll_eyes:

A rattlesnake in null sec with somewhat focused attitude achieves 30-35M ticks before taxes as well.


Nerf incursions…

more like he tried to compare a group activity with solo farming and asked for solo to be on par with group activity.

OP is a Troll.


No, go away.

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No, he’s just one of “those” guys who thinks someone playing alone should be equal to someone who doesn’t.

Bounties in NULL sector are biggest mistake ever introduced in Eve Online.

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Bounties need to go mostly into Tags like the ESS spits out and way less raw isk. Then tradeable in high sec, preferably in the faction stations that either match the pirate faction rats killed or the opposite factions stations, for raw isk. Then CCP needs to add their idea of new loot to make meta modules as well in there.

Couple this with MTUs being able to tractor ALL loot in null regardless of player, corp or alliance; read that enemies can drop an MTU and tractor YOUR wrecks as well, means that you will have to keep the field in order to bring home the bacon. Getting run off a site might mean that your enemy can freely loot your field for valuable tags giving roaming players and gangs something to loot if they want to spend the time.

I honestly thought, from the title, that this was going to be a call to nerf null bounties.

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You mean … something … reasonable?

No way!

I mean that’s still not more than hi sec incursions. But let’s run with what you’re saying anyway. So we’re using a rattlesnake for Null Sec ratting. How much is it going to cost for that ship and the fit to pull the kind of disc protect that you’re talkin about? Because most incursion fleets like wsrp to me you can fly a base model t-1 Battleship with faction modules and pay 1/6 1/8 the price of that rattlesnake. And even then you’re still making more in high sec incursions.

No… u

So you’re okay equating a large group activity (incursions) where the players are flying multi-billion isk ships and where the players must pay attention to the fighting the are doing, to your solo, cheap fit, afk VNI game play while you watch hulu.

Your sense of entitlement to easy-mode isk making is breath-taking but not at all surprising given you are a resident of whine-sec (what nullsec should have been called).

Bounties in null sec make no sense. “They’re lawbreakers where there is no laws!”

Look at the monthly reports. Null bounties are a plague. Remove them completely! Make null ratters have to loot/salvage for isk.

… Of course I am joking. But only slightly. Sort of.

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Who is going to pay for the cap umbrella?

My Rattle cost 1.2B. I very much doubt that you can find any BS that costs less than a 4th of that for an incursion. You may earn a little bit more ISK than that but you have to be in a fleet at all times. I can rat whenever I want. And escalations give extra income, which compensate for the few missing ISK to close the gap to your incursion income. I am also not salvaging, just for your information. All my income is pure ISK.

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Removing bounties from eve rather, incursions can become pure LP and null anom’s could drop tag’s instead of bounties, down with inflation!

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They may let you start off in a t1 semi cheap fit bs but they will expect you to upgrade to one of the doctrine ship within a month or two so and in then you also have to figure in if 50% if your incursion fleet is cheap base t1 bs’ then your ticks are going to be lower than the ticks your comparing to

The answer is to nerf incursions, not buff nullsec.

Actually the entry level of incursion battleships are like 200 million.

I agree with OP, but I disagree with increasing nullsec bounties. The way to solve this problem isnt to increase the amount, but rather nerf it. Nerf incursion isk.