Level 4's > null sec ratting?

So, just came back to the game month ago and been ratting in null sec, which is all I’ve basically done since i started playing eve. Before I left, i was making 30-35m a tick ratting, but now the ticks are an abysmal 11-14m per tick. Am i better off moving to high sec doing level 4 missions?



Thank you for answering, but could you, or for anyone who would like to share their thoughts, elaborate on the reason? Not simply that its better, but how much better is level 4 missions per tick or hour compared to null sec ratting at the moment? not necessarily cherry pickig agents or blitzing because im pretty newb with level 4 missions. what should i expect in that vs ratting? Thanks.

Yes. Lonetreak is the best place to do missions.

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I think they (CCP) reduced the frequency of ratting sites and they also instroduced a bounty modifier (Basically the now compulsary ESS eats a big percentage of your money) in a patch a little while ago, I suspect it is this modfier that maybe causing your issue, have a look through the patches and read the one involving ESS and how it robs you of your ISK

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What makes lonetrek the best?

ESS is definitely taking my ratting isk and roaming gangs usually come by and steal it which can get frustrating. I’m wondering how much level 4 missions would be. I’m multiboxing 5 accounts and making 11-14 million per account on average, per tick. I do like getting the isk on demand and just docking to refill ammo. I’m just wondering if would be better off going to high sec doing level 4 missions and if I did, i just wanted to know how much better the isk per hour would be? or would the difference be minimal or good enough to warrant the move?

If you learn how to blitz or semi blitz as well as learn to avoid certain missions you could earn maybe 100 mil an hr

If you can leave stuff where they are in a NPC station, just change your home station to somewhere in hisec, several jumps from a trade hub, and rebuy what you need

so blitzing, which is doing absolute minimum to finish the objective as fast as possible and cherry picking for the best missions? can that be done with one agent?

People recommend blitzing, personally I dont. as a decent amount of ISK is in the salvage, if you do blitz make sure you doing missions for a corp with decent LP items (but then I normally run them on 2 accounts) if you have 5 then you shoudl easily be able to salvage as you go

I do (sometimes) level 4 missions in HS with the salvage I get between 20/35m a site which varies from 20 to 40mins, I am currently in an NPC Null group, No ESS here, lousy spawn rates for sigs though, but I am gettin gmaybe 25/35m a mission (inc salvage which I melt down and sell to corp mates) and between 6 and 12k LP

For the most part I do that when working with USIA (standings grinding corp). But having a salvager follow behind if not blitzing can get some good isk as well.

always have been

As with so many things on EVE… it depends.

I’ve only just returned to EVE last month myself. Before that, i last played back in 2013, so before dynamic bounty system and before ESS.

You can make more money ratting than with Level 4, but it depends on the bounty level and if you live with people who can defend the ESS. With a 150% bounty i can make 23M per Forsaken Hub anomaly. I’ll use that for comparasion, because back in 2013 these weren’t even worth doing (less than 15M per anom), without the ESS.

Now, with the same amount of investment on a Level 4 fit i can clear a forsaken hub within 20 minutes, drop MTU and come back to collect 2 hours later. So, 23M/anom + ESS + loot + salvage, i make more than Level 4 without taking LP into consideration. If we take LP into consideration, then missions become more profitable. Again, with 150% bounty and taking measures to defend the ESS.

Maybe that answers your question? Probably not… but that’s a good thing. Few things are black’n white in EVE.

While Level 4 missions would be more profitable to me, i like to explode the ISK that i make with the people i fly with. So going to HS to run missions and then coming back home to the content that i enjoy isn’t worth the hassle for me. I’d rather blow a few rats for cash for a few hours every week, and then spend the remaining time seeing it all go out in flames while drunk with buddies.

There’s many l4 missions that are too tuff for the meager bounties… it takes an awful lot to finish certain missions, and often they just repeat, so decline is not an option or you will lose 4 hours downtime…
I wish all those pesky Frigs and cruisers (Cynabals, Dramiels mainly) with 90% resists could get a decent bounty, something like 1M, not 20k ISK!!!
Yesterday I made less than 100M in four hours. I was so pissed off.
I’d have gone to make some filament and make a lot more.
We need better bounties for L4 missions overall, with inflation on the edge for T2 ammo and missiles, inflation on PLex, missions bounties should get a buff… or the two consecutive mission decline should get removed…

IF you can live with it, then yes, it’s ok. On a good day you can make 100M an hour, with salvage and everything.

Why not try lvl 4’s in npc null, you can get closer to 180m/h or more if you add in the burners

I’ve never really done missions and also just returned. Can you do blitzing without messing up your faction standings? I’d like to keep the ability to fly around in different faction space.

greetings mate I been in HS before and am in null for a while. if you want some Info on the matter send me an eve mail with your discord and I can help you on the that.

I am writing this as I am doing a Serpentis Forsaken Rally Point in NPC Null

  • Ship - Ishtar (not AFK I am at the keyboard) pretty standard fit, no bling
  • 25.2m was the 1st tick (before corp tax)
  • whole site took maybe 25/30 mins
  • got another 6.3m ISK from the 5/10 mins over the tick
  • Evepraisal gave value of salvage and loot @ 14.9m jita sell or 12.11m jita buyers
  • system modifier 154% - no ESS here in NPC null
  • so in 30 to 40 mins, site time and salvage/loot i got 43.61m BEFORE corp tax and assume sell loot/salvage at jita buy

Downside is you dont get many Anoms out here

If your faction standings are high, then blitzing will not hurt them if you decline quite a bit. Each decline in the 4 hour window only results in a -0.001 loss to faction. Angent and corp take a much bigger hit.

We at USIA aggressively decline missions and blitz and don’t have any options being locked out of agents too much if done right.

Don’t do storyline missions or certain missions that involve other factions or tags, and you won’t have any negative standings.

Doing epic arcs can help raise fac standings

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