Lvl 4 & lvl 5 missions

I cant make much isk in lvl 4 missions and i really need it to get buy. This is a real drag and needs to be looked at like upping the amount payout of npc ships and mission runs, "Its too cheap and not fair enough on the payouts. I was ratting in 00 space just asteroids in the day and could make more isk at it then lvl 4 missions. Also i cant seem to find any lvl 5 security agents that arnt in low sec. This is a real drag because most of the gates in these lvl 5 mission systems are smart bomb hell. I cant survive in a BS witch i need to do these missions for long and cant do well in a BS in low -sec it will just get popped to fast so i can’t do lvl 5 missions in low sec. Just for a example at one lvl 5 low sec mission station their was 4 marauders camping the station. I dont know how anyone can do lvl 5 missions with these kinds numbers of gawkers around in these lvl 5 mission systems. We Need high sec lvl 5 missions so we can get at them and mission run.


What fit are you using for these missions? Maybe we can make your ship a little better suited.

Level 4 missions arent bad money but they’re definitely not the most efficient means of making money. Theyre at their most profitable in a Marauder when you can drop a mobile tractor unit, clear a room, salvage everything then move on. If you are having trouble, the classic long range fit + micro jump drive is always effective on some tech 1 battleships.

If you are looking for more isk an hour in highsec then I would highly highly recommend reading a guide and getting into running abyssal filaments. Even Tranquil and Calm filaments can net you some pretty decent cash with less of an investment than fitting up a battleship though, of course, there are some pretty mean consequences for failure.

You are never going to see level 5 missions moved to highsec space.


If you are not using marauder in lv 4 missions you are playing EVE wrong. Full Stop. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t care how harsh that is it is the truth and 100% fact. Has been for years and CCP just made it official when they buffed bastion module.

My golem beats any non-marauder by miles.

  • I tank better.
  • I min/max better.
  • I have more DPS.
  • I have more application.
  • I have more slots in general.
  • I have a better capacitor.

You can’t compare t1 BS vs t2 marauder. I am better in every way. Golem vs raven, Apoch vs Pally, megathron vs Kronos, etc.

MAYBE Faction ships have some perks vs marauders but nothing much that makes them the king.


have u run burner missions?

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I use a marauder and a raven in lvl 4 missions but I don’t find the marauder is out doing the raven with a long-range setup the only problem is the marauder has no drones and takes too long and cost to shot down frigates. I’ll never be able to solo a marauder in mission low sec space the way I saw things in some of these systems… I’m not a low skilled player and i find it tuff doing missions in low sec.

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I don’t know what burner missions are Ill look it up.

hmm… abyssal filaments you say, I don’t know what that is as i don’t know much about mission running ill look into it thanx…

I make plenty of ISK doing level 4 missions.

  • Use a Marauder
  • Make sure your skills are mostly V and IV for weapon specializations
  • Make sure your ammo is of a type that hits the resist hole of the enemy ships
  • Tractor in all of the wrecks and look them while you are going
  • Salvage drones running the whole time on auto-pilot

Usually after a couple of weeks I have a billion isk in tech I loot, and I’ve usually cleared around a billion in LP store stuff I sold plus bounties and mission rewards.


L5 Missions used to be in high sec space. I used to do them with corpmates many eons ago. Then people complained it was too much of an isk printer and moved them to low sec. They will not be moved back.
Mission blitzing or burners are the real money in L4 missioning now. If you want to clear the mission yes a marauder is best to loot and salvage. They were made for this many years ago specificially and since the buffs have only gotten better at it.
Another option you can look at is running Incursions but they are group play but BS will do well or marauders there and its pretty fun still.


ill look into what you said and learn blitzing, thanx for your help.

How far are you from being in a Marauder? Also, [THIS] will tell you everything you need to know about each mission and how to blitz it.

I have Marauder but i was using my raven but i am back using the Marauder now.
thanx for the info help.

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First off, most people do level 4s for the LP and not the isk. Secondly, most people who want to make good money through l4s blitz them, which involve knwoing which enemies trigger the next wave, and skipping unprofitable missions.

It takes effort to do level 4s well, as you can do it in almost absolute safety.

You mean, you made more isk in a more dangerous and risky situation where anyone can come in and bubble/kill you at any time?

How are you surprised by this?

No. Level 5s are designed to be in lowsec only because of their payout and reward.

Again, hisec is generally safe, so there is less reward. Thats how risk and reward work, and how it should work.

Hisec is not a place where you should be able to make obscene amounts of isk for little risk.

Every marauder has drones. I think you are not using a marauder.

Golem, Paladin, Vargur and kronos are marauders and each cost around 2 billion isk just for the ship alone.


Yea, I didn’t know this Golem could use more then 2 drones my bad.

Yea, well missions don’t pay out well in 00 space as well for the risk as far as I am concerned.
it’s a lot worse in low- sec from what I have seen so far for mission running I rather the missions where in 00 space.

learn your ships first and try to fit them proper.

6 bcs are ridiculous.

that ship i never flew before that time and it was only for ratting in belts and I couldn’t get the mods/rigs/amo i needed to rig it well because i was in a tuff nill-sec space witch is always my problem in nill-sec i cant get BS well, i cant get mods well , I cant move through too many jumps before I get shot down in a BS.

you never lived the life in nill-sec solo ratting if you don’t know how hard it is to resupply mods/ships/blueprints. all those BS where never meant to be used for PvP just npc ratting.

I have no problems shooting down npc mission rats in a raven or Golem doing the missions I just cant make any real isk out of it on lvl 4 missions i spend it all on drones or t2 amo.

If you could find domi BCS then I’m sure you could find nanofibers, istabs, DC’s or guidance enhancers.

No way, that space was tuff to live in back then and i had to deal with a lot of t3 ships hunting me and gate camps I just moded the ships together as best as i could with what i had to work with out there.