Does anyone actually do LVL 5s anymore?

So I have been re-exploring high sec missions as I never got the standings back in the day to myself run lvl 4s. I only ever did them with other people all though I recently discovered I do somehow have standings for lvl 4 gallente fed navy. I am actually doing lvl 3s now for the minmattar mining corp, but I was wondering once I get my standings high enough to run lvl 5s how would I do them? I see they are only in lowsec so are there mission running corps that do them or are there lowsec groups that do them? or is this just a form of content that has fallen to the wayside that nobody does anymore?

If I remember correctly, these were only available in low sec and the payout wasn’t great (especially for more risk). So I suspect there will already be people doing Lvl 5, but significantly less than Lvl 4 missions…

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For max income from blitzing? Have carrier in each system agent can send you. And be ready to deal with thousands if not millions of LP to slowly turn into isk

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first of all, check the Agency for L5 mission agents and you will see them in low sec. Then check on the internet the missions there are and you will see they require a fleet with logi.

So you need a fleet, my suggestion is going to live in low sec, make friends there and run together.
Or if you are a tryhard you can solo them by multiboxing and the locals will probably notice you.

Good luck

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i used to run them when they accidentally landed in High Sec from a nearby low sec agent. havent done them in years. good luck

Can they still land in high sec? i remember that many years ago.
Would be fair as lvl 4 in high sec send often to low sec.

Yes, there are people that run them, but setting up L5 running takes a lot of effort:

  • you need pullers
  • you need to place a cruise missile BS/carrier in every system in the agent’s constellation
  • there’s only 3 (2, really) good spots to run L5s anyway
  • L5s are slow money-makers as even a single runner can easily outpace global demand

2xgolem Cruise MJD. GL

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