Level 5's in High Sec Possible?

Hi Folks - Looking for a perspective on Level 5 missions.
Is there any chance CCP might reconsider allowing them in High Sec space with reduced LP rewards or some form of control so they don’t become abused? Never attempted one, but from the online sources they look pretty hard with a sub-cap type ship which might encourage group play with fellow corp members and friends.
I realize there may be all sorts of LP, revenue, multi-boxer, and other negative considerations that come into play, but just curious. One positive is they might give Marauder flyers a bit o’ challenge in High Sec space. Would these missions unbalance the Low Sec and Null Sec play-styles?
This may be a terrible idea, but would like to hear fellow current players thoughts.

Terrible idea, will hopefully never happen. We don’t need more high profile ISK making options in highsec.

Except … if they pay equal to lvl4.

Well, the idea of tougher missions for HS gave birth to both burner missions and Abyssal Space. While the are indeed tougher than normal level 4 missions and nice additions to EVE, they both “suffer” from the mechanic that one relatively small mistake dooms the player ( or at least his ship). Add to the problem of server stability/DCs and many mission runners just skip this aspect of EVE.

In the past, ideas of been put forward of adding a level 4.5 in toughness missions or, if CCP acquired more proficient or a larger number of programmers, be able to create a mission genrating program that would aid in generating more challanging content along the lines of both abyssal and burner, but without the “once you enter, you cannot leave unless victorious” aspect. To the risk adverse mindset of many PvE players, without this ability to warp out if they overreached in difficulty, both current end game content is ignored or under utalized.

So, at the current time, both CCP and the CSM have made it repeatedly clear that no new missions will be created, mainly because they feel that it is both beyond their current capabilities and that their customer demand for them is low. I can’t comment on their first reason to demure on the issue, but the latter one I feel has echoes of their previous opinions like “wardeccing mechanics don’t effect server population” or “Resource Wars offers the random group PvE that people are asking for in HS.”

Let us hope that someday and in some way, CCP can better utalyze the power in the new data mining abilities and actually see what players are interested in doing, as well as avoiding over balancing aspects like the game like the original Rorqual. In the mean time, buckle up and try a burner or two…

We’d find a way to solo them and farm them.

I think missions with incursions style payouts or further development of abyss space is the key to group pve (abyss space more so). But i don’t want yet more isk printing, especially in hi-sec.

Take your marauders to low?

But but then people would have to take risk to make tons of money instead of having CCP hand it to them for free! I bet the next thing you’re going to say is that highsec level 5 missions shouldn’t be available to alphas.

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