Level 4 Missions High Sec Guide - all secrets revealed or how get richy rich, bored and quit

Biggest advantage of missions in High Sec is no PvP - eg. you can only lose ships due to disconnect or bug. Missions are always there so only drawback is fly time and killing mobs time. Fly T2 or faction fit, but expensive faction attracts gankers, so T2 is cheaper, safer and better in DPS.

Ship to use - Rattlesnake, Golem or Paladin - tanky, lots of DPS, and can use micro jump drive.

Secrets of Missions - the biggest payout is not ISK/LP reward from agents but drops and bounty from missions. Actually there are only three missions worth doing : Silence the informant, Enemies Abound 3 and Gone Berserk ( the last one is not worth farming but worth full clear )

Silence the Informant drops 5 Elite Drone Tags in first pocket - about 35m ISK in total
EA 3 drops about 65m in tags - it will drop your standing towards Gallente into “abyss” quite fast. Small drawback.
Gone Berserk - 25m in bounties and loot

Each of them takes 10-15 minutes to finish.

After Downtime they reset so you can do them again.

“Blitz missions” - those you do and complete after you got them eg. no daily farm - are - Right Hand of Zazzmatazz - drops sometimes 50-70m implant, Stop the Thief and Cargo Delivery. The “Blitz missions” will push your standing higher and reward you with LP.

Best area of operations is Lonetrek from Torrinos System towards Oipo system ( 5 systems in total ) where you have 7 agents.

In average you always have 5 active missions of the first 2, which is 220m ISK per hour of casual gameplay, without constant Dscan and other â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– .

I got so rich that I was supplying three accounts and was buying faction ships and even a citadel just for fun. Then I got bored and quit.


Well, missions gave you the ISK to do things. And you failed spectacularly at using that ISK for fun things. Should have tried the occasional BS trip into low sec, for instance. Just in case you tried to portray missions as reason for your quitting: They are not.

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erm… not quite no; when you can blitz missions at a fast rate in say a golem… or enyo for burners, you can get a lot of lp fast; which would beat sitting around blapping rats all day tbvh.
Its also less soul destroying.
In nullsec im getting an average of 22k lp for running a burner mission which doesnt often take longer than 10 minutes and around 15k lp for the bigger missions - i dont usually accept anything i can blitz.

@Lugburz since I spend a lot of time on the test server andlove to try out things, I looked into burner missions in nullsec and yeah even 23k LP is not uncommon.

If I wouldn’t care so much about my Amarr standing, I would be tempted to do pirate missions for the implants.

It’s a shame there are no level 5 mission in NPC null though. I ran some level 5’s on SiSi for the first time in a Chimera and they just throw LP at you like crazy - up to 95k LP for 30 minutes.

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There are probably Amarr agents in null, where i am i have both caldari, gallente and syndicate agents so should be relatively easy to stay in good sted.
i hope…

Ouuuh, what I meant was the Sansha agents for the slave implants or Serpentis agents for those implants (halo or snakes?).

Sansha missions will tank your Amarr standing quickly, though I don’t really care what the Gallente are doing or not.

Yeh youd probably have to run caldari missions to offset that. I know there are caldari missions in null too but cant find any amarr oddly enough.

And not taking missions specifally against amarr or caldari of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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