High-sec missions, 0,5 or higher for best ISK?


Haven’t played for quite some years and was going to brush up on my flight skills in lvl 4 missions. I know 0,5 missions payout better than missions in 1,0. But does anyone know how much it is in reality? Currently in a 0,5 system but oh boy is it popular to gank in! See ganking gangs all the time… Thinking of moving to a 0.6 system instead further inside high-sec but not sure how much it would cut my ISK?

Old info, but if I remember it right, it’s like 10% per security level. There’s a chart somewhere that explains it better, but that’s the gist of it. You can test it for yourself by finding lvl 4 agents from both 0.5 and 0.6, start with the one in 0.5 and keep track of the missions you do and their payouts in the notepad, and after you do like 5 different ones, go to the agent in 0.6 and do missions again until you do some of the same ones, then compare notes.

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If you are more concerned with mission payout and LP’s than loot/salvage, then you may as well blitz your missions. The advantage of blitzing is that it can make more isk/hr and you can use a fast ship that is not as much of a target for gankers. Use a T2 fit HAC, T3C, or even a speed fit machariel if you’re feeling adventurous, and stay in your 0.5 system.

or you can join a corp that can net you up to 150 mil an hour, not including if you loot/salvage and the bounties from the missions.

Why make yourself rich when you can make someone else rich!

because its more of a service than a corp it seems. its like pushx… except USIA can net you lots of isk it seems.

0.5 vs 0.6 doesn’t really make any difference to gankers

move fast and don’t fly a loot pinata, gankers mostly wont bother with you then.

also scrolling https://zkillboard.com/kills/ganked/ almost all kills are in super popular mission hubs or on trade routes, probably worth avoiding those areas.

Join a large null corp and carebear to riches like the rest in null.

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