Mission rewards dont seem much different between sec lvls, are they nerfed?

just wondering.

i’ve been running Distribution missions for a living in High sec up to the point of running L4s and having done some field work in low sec.

most guides in the internet show some kind of increase in profit as you get into more dangerous areas but this doesnt really seems noticeable at all.

yesterday i tried testing L1s in Stain but turns out the payout looks bad, made roughly 1500 LP from courier work (two agents at the same time) and some meager thousands of isk.

did CCP nerf or change the escalation of mission rewards or this only works for Security? im really dissapointed with the results to be honest, i expected at least a 200% increase in isk and LP rewards compared to what i get in high sec, even if its a L1 mission to start grinding reputation, it doesnt feel right for the risk of travelling and evading hunt by the locals.

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Level 4 low sec of any type should pay big time imo, double or triple LP. I think it would bring people out because 10% more just isn’t enough of a raise to warrant the drastic change of safety.

Might fill up some of those dead low sec areas too.

The maximum gain from one 1.0 to a 0.5 HS system is +87%.
You can say because the LP reward is always constant for the same mission.

On the other hand, distribution missions have tarsh reward. also trash standing increase.
Like mining misions, they should be played when multiboxed, no point in doing them otherwise.
If yo only have one toon, you are better doing L3s in HS, for something like 4 times more isk/h.

I have started a new alpha, but instead of bankrolling it I have decided to try and see how it goes without bankrolling, so far it seems that salvaging is most profitable especially with limited skills so I have decided to go with this for now.

PVE missions are more or less made with the mindset of an empty universe; your allotted risk is NPC’s you will face. This of course, as you noticed, is a bit unrewarding (and wrong) in some cases, as traveling around LS can get quite dangerous depending on where you are.

I remember way back when, doing missions (not this char) that took me to or thru Amamake when it was a system of perpetual gate camp… yeah… started declining those.

i understand that and i was more or less versed on the differences in payout between these and security.

but i dont understand the reward changes from 0,5 to negative security. i ran L1s in -0,2 system and yet it seemed the payout was more or less the same as in any high sec system.

it was long time when i ran L1s (and i started in lowsec) so not really sure on the differences but it practically looks the same constant values.

did you track the LP values obtained ?

average LP reward from L1s in Stain was like 40-50 per mission. i got two mission chains but honestly i didnt really track it. for the most part i would place it in that range, roughly 60K isk and close to 50 LP or something like that.

would probably have to return and check further. i dont have a track for the L1s i ran in Lowsec either.

The differences on L1s are too small to notice. In general even for brand new players it is just better to go straight for L2s after their tutorials, do L1s only and exclusively if you need to do so for faction gain.

As far as income goes, on L4s there is a noticable difference for distribution missions between HS and LS. I used to do them many years ago so I do not remember what exactly it was, but it was noticable.

Also in general, security missions give much better payouts then distribution. Distribution line as a whole is unfortunately super low income.

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hmmmm in that case moving a 8000K m3 hauler back to Stain will be one hell of a trip… i like it

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