Hi sec NPC mission rewards

How come, that it was not changed … NPC mission rewards are for fun only. If it is strategy of CCP to move all new players to null sec … . ok. But security mission : maybe 5 mio ISK reward for lvl 4 for 45 mins… total expensive ship for that ( battleship) . While setup the mining fleet in hi sec (assume 3 accounts minimum, means 3 times expenses in real money) you get 40-50 mio ISK. The mission rewards should be 10/8/5 times higher, than now. If you are newbie in EVE, yhen the security/combat missions must dissapoint you to play a game … OK. 3 accounts doing the security lvl 4 x mining 3 accounts. There is difference approx 30-40 mio ISK in rewards…depending on market.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. But…

CCP has been asked about missions before, and have mentioned that they really need a total rework. Thus, it’s possible that they might be holding off on half-measures because they intend to make more significant changes later. Unfortunately, it would appear that they keep backburnering it. That’s unfortunate, but there’s still plenty of other content to get into.

Also, just beefing up rewards could cause problems because of mission blitzers. Yes, missioning income sucks for newbros and more casual players, but blitzers can make 250 mil/hr by being super selective with the missions they accept. Thus, in my opinion, tweaking mission rewards requires a more delicate hand -or I suppose you could do something like reduce the ability for blitzers to frequently turn down missions or something.

Oh, and CCP isn’t trying to force everyone into null. I… just… I can’t even.


yes ccp buff mission rewards, uhh that will totally be fine!

I don’t really understand why missions should be done. They are incredibly boring and all look alike. Missions, it’s like having a button, for clicking on which you add a virtual cent. And hypnotized to press it. Why not find something that is truly enjoyable, like PVP?

If you need 45 min for a single mission then your problem is not the mission reward … its your
incompetence to run missions in an okish time to get good rewards. just an explenation how i do missions, i get a rewards around 60-100 mio/h depends on the missions i get. I kill every spawn but i KILL it and i dont mess around with these low bob rats. i got an MWD to burn to gates and tada… you got about 3-5 missions/h maybe if you got lucky you can double this.

BTW: if i mine with my 8 accounts and i calculate what i get per single account then i´m far less then l4 missions just say´n yes overall i got way more but i need for this amount of ISK 8 chars and i need to haul this ■■■■ to a station where i can refine it and then i need to haul this ■■■■ again to sell it so isk/h for mining is stupid

What are you doing so you get 5mil in 45 minutes from lv4 missions? I was earning more with a false ship by doing lv 3s, with less than 3mil SP, not counting LP income, and bringing an algos trying to salvage everything after each mission.
When I have learned the rope I earned 60-80mil/h in a dominix, killing everyting and doing every non-burner mission. Now we even have Archer and his standing service and one should easily get more than 100mil/h in a proper T1 battleship by working with him.

Missions are very old content and are very low on the priority list. Instead, CCP is introducing new PVE content like the Abyss and Invasions that pay a lot better.

Rewriting missions is one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenarios - it’s a lot of work and a lot of players enjoy the absolute predictability of missions as they currently exist - changing them would upset as many people as it pleased.

I recommend leaving missions for new players - they can usually work their way up to level 4 in 4-6 months and learn the basics of fitting and piloting in the process.

If you want to make a lot of ISK min/maxing missions check out the videos from HateLesS Gaming on YouTube or Twitch.

Understanding is not a requirement, nor is it a problem.

In the 12+ years that I’ve been here, NPC Bounty and Mission Rewards have never been raised even though CCP implemented Tax on NPC kills and has nerfed their loot drops repeatedly over the years.

I doubt CCP will ever increase NPC Bounty and Mission rewards. When CCP removed Rogue Drone loot of Alloys and Compounds, they promised to give them a loot table. Hell it took CCP years just to add a Bounty to Rogue Drones.

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I’ve only ever done missions for security status increase. For reasons… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Lvl4s are the best and save me alot of security tags. The bit of isk is nice too.
The LP is good as I get to make my own faction Antimatter.

Bounties, loot, and salvage must be included.

Enjoyable is a subjective term. Not everyone finds pvp enjoyable, that’s why.

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How is PVP enjoyable if done right? It always amounts to kicking a defenseless puppy. Pick your friends, dictate your fights. Sometimes, “its a trap” which makes it interesting. Rinse and repeat…Boring.
Major fleet engagement 400+ ships…yeah done it… Build 143 Ruptures and fly into Goon home space and they don’t engage?..Your corp needs to prove itself… is not worthy of a fight…yeah…
Anyways a bitter old vet poking his nose in to see the state of the game…probably gone for good…
PVE missions use to pay well enough to pay for PVP, It gave you something to do while you skilled up. Built friendships etc. Valuable PVP items like snake implant use to drop ( when they were a thing). Oh and mission loot was valuable enough that PVP would happen in a Mission site… The game has moved in a direction for better or worst.
Fly safe and have fun…

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