Making risk vs reward fair for all

However long term the risk vs reward balance needs some tweaks that all players can agree on.

  1. remove L3 and L4 missions from highsec completely so the new players have incentive to move on.
  2. remove ore anoms, ice anoms, and anything beyond veldspar and scordite in HS
  3. Incursions removed from HS
  4. trig invasions and emerging conduits further reduce payouts in HS - have escalations to low and nullsec for the primo rewards

This will allow the new players to get introduced to the game but incentivized to spread their wings into low and null and form lasting corp bonds and less solo play.

Rebalancing is good and we want more players to stay and join game not quit.

Thanks for letting us know, forum alt #293489348923943. I am sure that you know best what’s good for new players, even better than CCP. Please know that I do not voice an opinion about the points you’ve brought up, but about the motivation behind the post itself.


Agree, except for one point. Level 3 missions should remain, as level 1-2 missions are useless for getting to a point where a new player can even attempt to go to lowsec. But, to prevent the level 4 farmers from just farming level 3s at an absurd rate impose a minimum spawn timer such that even if you bring in an optimized high-end farming ship and one-shot every NPC the next wave can’t spawn any faster than if an average newbie was doing the mission.

personal threats are not welcome.

What? Which part of my post could even remotely be considered a personal threat?

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that is a good point but probably could be solved if CCP imposed a permanent barrier to high sec for every player older than 6 months. Let the new players learn in peace and then out into the world they go.

Didn’t this list get posted like 3 days ago?

It’s just some people going on an anti high sec rant without bothering to produce any evidence that highsec as a whole is earning too much isk.

Because they want easy targets in low and null

Which would create more problems than it solves. What do you do if you lose your last assets in lowsec and no longer have anything capable of surviving there? The game needs a low-risk region where you can rebuild and prepare for another attempt. That’s why the incentive to leave highsec needs to be in the form of limits on income, not permanent barriers for anyone who “shouldn’t be there”.

And how do you rebuild with a barrier to income again?

Nonsense. They need to get good or leave then.

The income limit is high enough to rebuild. For example, if it takes a week of highsec PvE to fund a new ship capable of moving to lowsec it is possible to rebuild even if you have a streak of bad luck and lose everything, but the ISK/hour rate would be so pitiful that anyone who wants anything resembling decent income would have to leave highsec as soon as they are able to do so.

Im okay with removing Ice, i think that stupidly fucks up hisec. Incursions payout should be nerfed too. Otherwise, Im okay with L3 and L4 missions

Perhaps if you are not satisfied with EvE and overall fairness, you should leave.


earning anything beyond 1mil isk per hour in highsec needs to be nerfed. it is game breaking when the game is pvp only and designed for nullsec.

I think that someone who believes that he knows what’s fair for everyone, especially new players, usually has only his own interests in mind. Knowingly or not, he wrongly believes that fairness is what he thinks it is, without considering that the silly idea of fairness does not exist outside of the heads of those who suck.


You / CCP will never encourage or force people out of hi-sec that don’t want to go out of hi-sec. If there is a mechanism to push such people out of hi-sec they will simply leave the game. The numbers are bad enough without that.

Each zone / sec level brings something different to the game and attracts different people. This gives CCP a hell of a problem of balance, especially when people cry about those folk over there having it easier / better / cheaper.


What’s your point? Eventually someone has to make game design decisions, so claiming that everyone is equally wrong is just wasting everyone’s time.

Not really. Highsec as a newbie tutorial zone adds something to the game. Highsec farmer trash that permanently lives in highsec, endlessly farms the same menial PvE tasks, and whines on the forums about how PvP needs to be removed so nothing can disrupt their farming adds nothing whatsoever to the game. If all of them ragequit over having their farming income nerfed nothing would be lost, other than the $15/month some of them pay for the privilege of farming.

(And of course even that $15/month is only given very grudgingly, look at how many people whined and cried over not letting alphas farm level 4 missions.)

Lol. A week of farming at your level of play to get a single ship.
Well done killing the game.

There is a reason CCP launched highsec as part of a group of interdependent zones, not as a tutorial area.
It is intended to be a viable area of space to play the game in, with its own advantages.

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And this intent is nothing more than CCP pandering to farmer trash that shouldn’t be playing EVE. Highsec, especially the highsec of 2020 where most PvP has been removed, is a wasteland of failure and shame.

A week of farming at your level of play to get a single ship.

Unless you leave highsec, in which case you can get a new ship much faster. The point is that unless you are worthless farmer trash you work for a week to prepare to leave highsec, leave the tutorial region, and go seek actual income. You’re not supposed to do it more than once a year at most.