Join the ingame channel "Highsec Lobby" and help make a better highsec!

So Emerging conduits have just been severely nerfed, and rumor has it that highsec incursions are going to get the hammer as well soon. Either way, it’s clear that highsec is getting nerfed, and the reason why it happens is because highsec residents do not unite and advocate for their space.

The channel “Highsec Lobby” aims to change that, all are welcome to debate and advocate, the goal is to form a powerful player organization to get things done for the good of highsec, whether it is field highsec CSM candidates and get them on the council, get buffs and positive changes, or even to build a highsec consciousness, Highsec Lobby aims to help players help themselves to improve this game.


10/10, made me laugh.

EC’s were OP and needed a nerf.


Ben, I am guessing you don’t do much activities in High Sec…! Almost everything is nerfed here.

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I live in highsec and made 4-500m/hour running EC’s. They were broken and needed a nerf.


Yeah, one activity, that pays well. I am rather new to the game, however, I don’t think there is anything else in High sec that pays this well. In Null and Low sec, sure. But High sec needs a good ISK generation activity as well.

And those stats you put on ECs, I seriously doubt that you could make 500 m/hour running them. Even if you can, how is that a bad thing? People make the same running Incursions.


High sec is NOT supposed to have any good ISK generation, that’s the entire point of the security concept.



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Tintallei, and why do you think so?

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Lol, is this a serious question?

The whole concept of the game economy is “More Risk = More rewards”.

If you decide to stay in safe space you keep low rewards. It’s very simple, I believe…


He told you why, security status. There should be a natural progression of risk vs reward. Being able to make 4-500m/hour with no risk is ridiculous. As with the majority of activities in this game, everything scales with the amount of characters you use. Incursions was/is easily multi-boxable just as EC’s were.

Just to make it clear, I don’t think null should be how it is right now either. Got people ratting/mining 24/7 in never-ending anomalies under a super-umbrella. It’s just as bad.


Being able to make 4-500m/hour

lol now that’s fake news, do supers in nullsec make 5B an hour now?

Ah, fake because you don’t know how to do it, stop being stupid. EC’s payout was the same for up to 3 accounts, 4.5m each. Using 3 smartbombing ships, you could clear 20-22 sites an hour. just under 300m in payouts alone… another 1-200m in loot.

EXACTLY. You’re making my point, not even 20B ships make that much ISK an hour. That’s how broken EC’s really were.


There was a good competition for ECs as well, just as there is for trading and industry. You need to factor that in as well, that in itself should be cause for good returns. Given the number of players that populate High sec space compared to Null.

I agree the ISK returns were too good for ECs, that is why I like running them, but this level of nerf is a bit too much.


I wouldn’t mind if smartbombs were banned in hisec space. Would you ?

Plenty of empty highsec systems that you can sit in and chain-run EC’s without interruption, that’s a weak argument. I agree the nerf is a little much. Even doubling the time would have had a big impact, a ten fold increase is over the top. A solo player would be lucky to run 3 sites an hour for a whopping total of 13.4m + loot if you’re lucky.

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But why would they need to be? All it takes is for one person to warp to someone smart bombing and concord will ram their fist up that persons ass which happens a lot. Convince me.

off to bed, will reply tomorrow o7

A corvette can get that done…!

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Null Anoms are OP. About goddam time they were nerfed.

The only way anyone is able to make the numbers you claim is by using smartbombs. That’s why. The use of smartbombs seems to be part of the issue - though granted, an inventive way to run the conduits.