Empire mining, hard for the little guy to compete

Seriously, why even log if I know when I fly to an ice belt a guy will soon land with a providence, 10 skiffs, and an Orca. This is someone the developers should target because it ruins gameplay for those interested in industrial activities.


You play your way…they will play their way. Deal with it.

Move to another system…


Mine clouds in a WH

Alternatively start ganking them

Fight over the resources, simple really


Fit out a Porpoise with a fast fit, use as a truck with packaged Proc or Skiff in fleet hanger. Tour the ice belts, build a regular route. You are much more reactive than anyone tied to one system. You will always get your quota, use Porp to haul back your compressed ice.

Plus Porp makes a good salvage platform, while ice cutting bookmark any combat sites and go get free salvage.

Fit an expanded launcher to your Porp, go get those nice augmented drones that are left behind.


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Oh wait.

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There are numerous regions of space with low player activity and plenty of relatively untapped ice belts - you can hit those up instead. And, of course, you’re welcome to venture into lowsec and nullsec where you have the capability of fighting off competitors without CONCORD intervention. If you can’t do this on your own, strength comes in numbers with different people fulfilling different roles in a mining fleet, including combat roles. This is an MMO, after all.


How many blocks a minute could a setup like that mine?

High sec ice is worth less than veldspar. They’re mining it because the cubes take a long time to tap out. You should go where the money is instead.

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They out-played you. No need to get angry just because you were beat.

Instead, come join Code. You can gank these guys and kill them and make them whine.

Dont be a part of the problem.

Be the solution.


Or just ask to fleet up…

–Gadget says work together

supersize a large MWD onto a Stabber Fleet Issue and ram them out


Imagine being so bad at EVE you have trouble mining in Highsec of all places and cry on the forums about it


Why don’t you deal with it yourself? CCP is not your mummy.


If this thread isn’t indicative that CCP needs to get rid of all resource generation from high-sec (and move those missions and incursion farms away as well), I don’t know what is.


they complain about the CODE , they complain about the trigs , now they are complaining about other miners
good lord


Theres too many brown rocks and not enough sparkly ones pls fix


brown rocks? :smirk:

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Captura de Tela 2020-05-20 às 12.38.55

clueless noob , in a null sec alliance
this trend is disgusting
cant eve play like 3 days solo to fell the game, this forum is depressing some times

Start 10 alt accounts and bring your own Providence, 10 Skiffs and an Orca. 12 paying accounts. CCP approves. Almost like Eve Online is pay-to-win…

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Start 12 paying accounts, train for Catalyst/Talos on each, gank the Providence, tell the owner that it will keep happening unless he pays 25% of net income in protection every month, repeat with other mining “groups” you see.

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