How does one rat on a single account nowadays?

I log in nowadays to try some ratting instead of exploring, t2 gila which got me 20mil ticks a year ago, bout 650drone dps …do havens, got 7mil ticks ? and a 30min timer for about that much every 30 mins? looking around every other system with anomalies worth ratting in a gila/ishtar is either down to 60% or less, or has 2-3 low level combat anomalies …was this update meant to discourage botting?? looks to me it did just the other way around, bots be bots they run 24/24 and get replacement ships when they die…they don’t care if they make 5x less ratting, since any other non multiboxer ratter is chewing on bits anyway. Now skilling to an ishtar and wondering if it’s even a thing anymore on a single account , with subcaps ? I don’t want to plex by ratting but neither earning less than running two data sites, in 2 hours of ratting havens wtf …

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not sure how ratting makes a difference on one vs two accounts. It’s not like you will go more than twice as fast with two.

Did you check the ESS? Otherwise probably not enough information to give any more detailed of a response.


Find a nice system with a 200% bounty modifier, spin your Ishtar and enjoy high ticks.

Just be prepared to pay a lot of attention, because that 200% bounty modifier system has such a high bounty modifier for a reason.


Yeah, that’s not going to happen, every 140% or system I scouted has barely any anomalies in it . And if it’s a 200% ,that’s either a choke point highly camped ,what’s the point of ratting there only to dock every 5 minutes …anyway.

Well, the concept of ratting has not changed so your T2 Gila can do the same thing as it could do previously. An Ishtar is also a good option once you can fly it, but there are other options.

The main thing that changed is the payout.

As you say, high bounty modifier systems have a high risk or not enough sites, so you’ll either have to continue looking or choose to earn a little less ISK while ratting in a less-traveled system.

I personally have done some ratting lately for the first time in years and I really like the 200% payout. And yes, that means I need to pay attention and sometimes have to dock up.

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Right, did some research on this, apparently there’s a 500mil isk ratting income per 24hours per system, then it drops by 5%? the more you rat ? …can’t figure out this bank payout, ess payout that you need to be in the system for 3 hours to get that isk back in portions …provided nobody steals the ess bank…awesome. Basically running data sites only ,you still earn more than ratting with subcapital ships :slight_smile:

you could do Abyssal sites in your Gila

The more you rat in a system, the less it pays.
The more ships die in pvp in a system, the more it pays.

As a result, the ‘safe’ ratting systems pay worse, the dangerous ratting systems pay better.

Next, a significant part of the payout is stored in the ESS, which automatically pays out some time later, but can be robbed in the mean time. You may want to stay around to protect it, but it’s not necessary to stay logged in to get it.

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Using a single account and and at-the-keyboard playing, a year ago I would have recommended you to chain belt rats in nullsec. I was getting 20~30M ticks with a T2 module fit Vagabond and the rats dropped another 20M of loot per tick in average - I used to deply a MTU into each of the belts when starting to rat and pick them up when I was done for the day. However, CCP has removed belts and belt rats from most systems in nullsec, forcing people to rat on anoms where rats are harder and pay less and have less drops.

I found that in k-space, probably the best income is in highsec, running lvl4 missions. While you get more from running the same missions in lowsec , and there’s also lvl5 missions in low … at least in the more “popular” lowsecs you will end up having to dock-up or to warp to a safe and cloaking there every now and then, potentially for a very long time (skillpoint generating reaction/pi alts are good cloaky cyno eyes), which will hit hard into your income flow.

If you like lowsec, searching for combat signatures might result in more income made then running lvl5 missions, as some of the signatures drop really nice faction loot.

Wormhole ratting was not affected by CCPs attempts to nerf people’s isk income yet, and most wormholes are empty 6 in 7 days a week.

It’s not ratting in the classical sense, but there’s the PVE abysses, where especially gilas and ishtars can make a lot of money


Running abyssals, ded sites, and exploration are not isk faucets. They do not create more isk. Ccp decided anything that creates new isk should be nerfed.

Scan a c3 wormhole and take your ratting gila in there and make 83mil worth of tick’s (ticks are every 20min btw)

Red loot from abyssals and OPE boxes from ded sites are sold to npcs for isk and are therefore isk faucets.


You’re right, the red ■■■■ and boxes of rocks are in fact minor faucets. Everything else must be sold to players for existing isk though.

I like to rat in low sec in a T3 destroyer. Running DED 2-4s makes approx 100m per hr.

You don’t get it.

Most of the money in a ded site nowadays comes from bounty+OPE.
Most of the money from abyssal comes from red loot.
Because that’s the only source of isk that you can be sure of.

so from your original post, only “running exploration is not an isk faucet”. I agree.

I can’t yet afford to loose a 1.5bil gila capable of doing c3 sites

I think you can do it with a 400 - 600 mil fit or something I will check, actually just try it on Sisi (You can use the /moveme command then scan till you get a c3 its pretty fast) you will be surprised how cheap you can make it run, I can’t really check myself as I don’t like drones and have avoided training drones.

I used to run them in a 600mil nighthawk, it seemed to blaze through them quite quick and make back the ship cost in 2 and a bit hours.

And for danger I have pve’ed for a bout 120 hours so far in wh’s and have not been caught once, 2 close calls thou so I mean you will make back your ship cost long before it dies.

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Get some loctite on that then :slight_smile:

You don’t need a 1.5bil fit anything to run C3 sites.

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Thread of the year.

I nominate for a Thready.

Get a Tengu then… you can get one capable of doing C3 sites at under a billion. Just keep your eye on D-scan.