How does one rat on a single account nowadays?

If you want to Rat, use the Triglavian Filaments.

  1. Get filaments that will dump you into a random Null system.
    2.Get filaments that will watermelon you into the closest Triglavian occupied system from the Null system you were just in.
  2. Get filaments that will watermelon you from the Triglavian occupied system to the closest High Sec system.
  3. Get a Faction Cruiser with Drones.

Jump into Null start ratting the belts. When you get full of loot follow steps 2 and 3 to make a quick exit.

Null Sec loves these tactics.

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or you could, ya know, just join a bloc.

the loot won’t make up for the 10mil in filament costs. Better to jsut scan out a wormhole to a null pocket for that.

Selling your soul just for a lil iskies, that seems a bit extreem

Well now its bounty + ESS, ESS payed every 2:45 if its not stolen.

So 7 mil ticks are a lot more at the end of the day, although not 20M either.

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ESS + Jack Ratting (using Trig filaments) can net ya 20 to 30 mil and half. If no one comes looking for you.

7mil tick’s are no where near sustainable thou, lets take for example the event that is on now it costs 500mil for a bs - the 100mil for doing 15k damage and -80mil from insurance that’s 320 cost, lets say you win 50% of the time that’s an extra 30mil in container loot every 2 deaths and half’s the cost of your ship, with matches being 15min and que + dock time about 5min lets saw you can do 3 matches an hour that is 3 x (160) - 45mil (1.5 x the container loot).

about 435mil / hour cost to pvp in the arena lets say you are getting those 7mil ticks
that is 62 tick’s, 3 ticks per hour 20 hours of pve at that rate to pvp in bs arena for 1 hour

20:1 farming to enjoyment time ratio.

7mil/h ticks is a problem and not worth anyones time.
Ship’s skyrocketing in cost and reduced incomes are going burn everyone who rat’s out on pve and force everyone to think eve online is not worth it anymore.

You can very easily do c3 sites with a reasonably cheap Gila. I only do fortification frontiers in mine and it pays around 240m/hr if you are actively piloting or 200m/hr if you’re chilling.

I know a lot of people overexaggerate their ISK/hr on here so I’m linking videos of me doing them. Just scan a c3 down and you’ll be fine.

Vanilla 10 minutes:
Wolf Rayet 8 minutes: