How much better is a VNI than a Vexor for an alpha?

I’ve been null belt ratting for my income recently using a Vexor that’s just scraping 230 dps with Wasps (I’m hunting Guristas). I’m working on my drone skills to increase this, but…I think whats really restraining me is the ship. I can only deploy three drones at a time because of the limited bandwidth.

I make isk slowly.

My question is: Is a VNI going to give me enough of a DPS boost to be worth it with my crappy skills, or should I get a different ship all together?

I’m also looking into anoms or wormholes (C1-3) to increase my income. Could I do that in an alpha VNI?

First are you exclusively using drones or are you taking advantage of the 5% hybrid turret damage the vexor gets?

Also sleeper drones (in worm holes) are aggressive towards drones and will kill them rather quickly if your done micromanage them.

the vni has bw for 5 heavies. also it is overall better.
just consider you’ll do twice as much DPS with a VNI.

I’m omega and mine had 700 ish DPS with T2 wasps (746 IIRC)
The VNI is one of the best power increase : twice the DPS, better tank, and 5 times the isk only.

The VNI is quite a bit more powerful than the Vexor.

You say you are belt ratting in nullsec. Are you just sneaking out there or are you a member of a nullsec corporation. If you are living in nullsec, looting/salvaging after supers is a lot better isk.

I can get 747 DPS using wasps from the VNI, but I can also get 743 DPS from a Vexor using wasps.

Go for VNI if you can afford it is also advise you to consider branching toward caldari a bit and consider a rattlesnake as a good goal to work toward

Wow, who pissed in your cereal? Are not all theroy crafted fits viable? I don’t tend to minmax boats for DPS.


Because between the theory and practice, there is a huge gap : reality.

So please keep your retard nonsense. And stop peeing in people’s cereals.

Wow you have a filthy mouth if you can’t respect other people views and opinions you are going to have a hard time in life. I piety you to be honest. I hope you learn some manners and humility.

It’s a specialised drone boat so if your drone skills are good or you plan to train them up then yes, it’s definitely worth it. I’ve used a faction fit VNI for Lvl 4 missions so it should definitely speed up your belt ratting.

Also, compared to their previous price they’re currently cheap at 65m vs double this price a few months ago, so now is a good time to buy in bulk if you can afford it.

Higher DPS translated to higher isk per tick and not to mention, SP allocation if you only work to max your alpha clone inside 5mill sp limit. You need only lv4 in heavy drone instead of lv5 in small AND medium. Meaning, faster to train.

Its much more expensive though.

Yea, get the VNI.

Thank you for buying Fed Navy products!


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yeah sure, whatever. Go cry somewhere else.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

I don’t understand how this:

Warranted this:


Because they are not usable in the same conditions.

pyfa tells me that a vexor with 5 DDA and wasps II only has 458 DPS.
In order to have 700 DPs he must use something else. That he is not talking about, and that will have an impact on his fitting, his tank, the SP required. That is dishonest.

Plus, again, the numbers you CAN have is not any good advice. I CAN have 980 DPS just from drones on a VNI, yet I never flown one so I don’t say it’s possible.
It’s just … stupid to answer to someone asking “what can I expect” with “maximum paper I can reach is”. Of course the question require some kind of REALISTIC answer.

So just say that then. I don’t disagree at all.

I said exactly that. Just did not feel like such a misleading post deserve any more explanation.

The Vexor has Turrets and 25% turret damage bonus, that adds a lot of extra damage.

If you go for a max DPS pure garbage you can get over 900 DPS from a vexor, but it won’t be very good.

No, turrets do not add any drone damage.


is stupid.

No, turrets add to the Ship’s damage output, wasps do lower damage than a ogre which is why there is reference to wasps.