Cheap drone boat

i recently lost my vni because i got ganked while i left more like 20 seconds during a ded site so im crazy broke rn and im looking for a cheapo drone boat that will help me not be broke via ded sites even low level ones because as of now i basically have no money but i might be able to scrape up some assets to sell and mine

Try an algos or normal vexor and do some missions or belt ratting if you in nullsec.

Perhaps avoid DED sites a while and avoid getting into same situation as you are now-don’t dump all your wealth into 1 ship,good luck

thanks im probally gonna avoid the normal vexor because its dps is on the lower side with my heavy drones that or i’m insane but ill try the algos
I just checked the algos and its drone bandwith is gonna stop me
i think im gonna look at the vexor again because i must be crazy the drone bonuses are very similar

neither of those have enough bandwidth i think i might need a vni for this so i might just take a break and come back in a couple weeks lol I really dont wanna do anymore grinding for little to no money

Money can be made in the smallest of ships you have to pick something that pays well

ill try to figure somthing out

Wait, the 750+dps regular Vexor is on the lower side of a 500 dps Vexor Navy Issue??


im talking about drone dps B

You are comparing a vexor with t2 blaster and short range ammo, with a 5 ogres vni?

You can get 700dps on a vni with 5 t2 ogres, 3 drone damage augmentors. And the ogres apply better since you get velocity and tracking bonuses. Add token blasters and you probably get to 750, but I prefer no gun and more tank. By opposition, if you want a vexor with guns to do 750dps, you have to invest in both guns (mag stabs and… webs? so you can also help your slow, low tracking ogres) and drone damage so it will have no tank, plus it is a setup that is a lot more demanding to fly.

The vexor is a decent ship, no doubt, but for easy dps with good application, it is not superior to the vni. Your numbers are… possible, but not representative, to put it nicely.

But you are right in that a vexor is the OP’s best option if he can’t afford a vni.

You can but he was afk and you are not using any guns when afk, well not for long at most.

I never claimed she was.

VNI isn’t a 500 DPS ship unless you fly the botting shield fit which is optimized for botting, afk ratting, minimal loss value. Its more of a 900-1050 DPS ship when fit well, which is armor BTW, though the difference in cost between the 900+ DPS VNIS and the 1050+ DPS VNIS is about 1 bil+ so IMHO just not worth it. Stick to the 900-950 VNI for best active gameplay. For botting, use the shield botting fit.

The regular vexor can’t do the fit because it lacks the slots, has less PG / CPU as well as lacks the bandwidth for the full flight of heavies and has a smaller drone capacity and doesn’t have built in drone tracking, which means even less slots.

As ffor the OP …

You can run DED 1 and DED 2 in NS on Algos or Worm, Worm can have very easy 300+ DPS, maybe even some DED 3s but not sure. Make enough money to buy 3-5 VNIs, then go back to regular. There were some sites though that let you go only in frigates, I forgot which ones though since I haven’t done them in ages.

When you get your skills up a bit more switch to Gila then Rattlesnake, much better. Alternatively a Loki, when you train into Loki its much more useful for much more stuff then just ratting.

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you forgot the first rule of eve (what? … no… i am not talking about fight club…)
don’t fly something you can’t afford to loose

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if you are doing low level ded sites the vexor should have plenty of damage.

and if replacing a VNI is a problem well you probably should have been in a regular vexor anyways.

VNI is limited to ded3/4.

ded3 is very easy, almost only frigs.
ded4 is harder, but can be done faster than ded3 (2 rooms) and more loot.

worm can do ded1-3 with ease. litterally approach next gate, launch drones, make a tea. However some ded1/2 require to loot something, can’t remember.

You should biomass yourself for even suggesting this. I despise botters.


Yeah, one of the dodgiest comments on the forum I have seen lately. Either it’s a very stupid comment or it’s outright a confession by someone who is botting. I might want create a support ticket just in case it’s the later.


I was being somewhat sarcastic and did tell him to get the real fit. But my statement about that cheap arse shield VNI stands, its a botter fit which is most commonly used by botters and in general players who are incapable of moving their move over different modules in the ingame fitting tool, reading what they do and putting 2 and 2 together.

I do apologize if my sarcasm didn’t quite shine through for you. I don’t quite know how to word it correctly via text forum.

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Ouuuuh! My apologies then!

You are correct, the forums do not convey sarcasm very well.

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Or people who multibox

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Yes. Correct. To me though, its basically the same crap. The 2 are very close to each other, many times overlap, and the AFKish multiboxing is a very, very small step down from botting.