How to get more DPS

I’ve been looking at guides/fits for a Vexor to use in FW. Some of the fits I look at claim that it can reach over 500 dps. I’m not sure how this is possible however as drones can’t do that much dps on a vexor and even if I have all skills at 5 I still struggle to get more than 25-30 dps per turret. Is there something I’m missing?

A fully skilled Vexor pilot with 4 Drone Damage Amplifiers T2 using 2 Ogre II, 2 Hammerhead II, and 1 Hobgoblin II drones will hit 528 dps just in drones

I’m using the fit for FW so heavy drones won’t be too useful as I’ll mostly encounter other cruisers. Replacing the ogres with hammerhead II reduces damage significantly.

I’m pretty new though so I might just be missing something here

I can’t speak to what specific fit you’re using just that a Vexor can get over 500 dps in drones

In that case it’s probably just me misinterpreting the fit/ being new

Thanks anyway

T2 Blasters have much boom, too. But you have to be close though, so I like the Thorax for heavier duty. 500 dps in a Kiter Cruiser is not that easy.
And ALL skills at 5 is an exageration, or did you spend that much Plex? Anyway, there a several skills that influence DPS.
BTW Implants do a great job, and you might consume Boosters, they add some percentage, too.

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With a fairly expensive VNI you can get something like this going

But it maybe too much for FW. FYI, this vexor has so much drone tracking that I kill most frigs using medium drones better then light drones and heavies vs cruisers better then mediums. Also, that’s not even topped out on DPS cause this clone I used for this screenie has all missile implants so wrong clone and the fit is 100 MN AB for PvE. If I went 10 MN MWD I’d have way more PG / CPU leftover to optimize the crap out of it far more.

Now, going cheap, if you wanna fly a drone boat, forget the blasters. They’re an afterthought, you are far better going artys or autocannons just for some minimal support for your drones or kill opponents drones. Projectile turrets don’t use cap and have somewhat better ranges then hybrid turrets and better ammo choices hands down.

My fit has relatively low rep time because of that 100 MN AB, its stable with the AB + hardener + computer on or the Rep+Hardener+Computer on, but not both.

So look into a VNI. Fit it with the following, mostly T2, but occasional T1 module if you are squeezing PG/CPU or faction modules if you are extra brave and wanna splurge a little bit.

3x Drone Damage Amp
1x Energized Adaptive Resistance Plating
1x Medium Armor Rep or Anciliary Armor Rep
1x Reactive Armor Hardener
1x Drone Link Augmentor - for drone range you can scale down to a T1 if CPU is an issue, the T1 takes a lot less.
1x Drone Tracking Computer with Tracking Speed Script
1x Drone Navigation Computer - keep this T2, its important your drones fly fast to and from your targets.
1x Large Pb Acid Battery - the T1 version - you need the cap pool and dont worry about cap boosters.

If tank is an issue, drop one drone damage amp and replace with armor plate. For prop mod its whatever you want and feel comfortable with. Rigs, again, whatever you want and are comfortable with. You need more cap, use cap rigs, you need more armor, use armor rigs, etc. adjust it after a couple engagements.

Your high slots are almost irrelevant. You might actually want to fit a remote armor rep or 2 for your drones. I have targeting comp for the passive + targets bonus, but you won’t need it. Your guns, as stated better off go arties for long range drone support or Autocannons for the short range. The VNI has no turret bonusses whatsoever so why not use something that won’t drain cap and has better range and ammo ?

In this fit, your T2 Valkyries will move super fast, 4.2 or 4.5k + , somewhere around there and will have a rediculous amount of tracking so they can hit any frig or enemy drone. You can go with Hammerheads too, as long as drone tracking stays at around 1.1k + you are all right. Your Ogres will very, and I do mean very easily hit and kill destroyers and cruisers.

The Gallente drones are highest DPS but lower travel and tracking speeds, while the Minmitar drones have a stupid amount of tracking + movement. The Caldari and Amarr drones are inbetween those. Right click on them while equipped in simulator and see their individual stats.

The fit you see above is with faction drone damage amps so you won’t get those kinda numbers but still pretty good. Definetly more then 500 ish by far.

Only thing is, there is no space on it for a web or scram. You’d need to remove that battery and use a rig instead and maybe the tracking comp and use drone rigs, don’t know. But do keep the drone navigation computer, its super important that your drones have a really high movement speed.

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  1. damage mods - I don’t undock without one or two on most pvp fits and heck most of my pve fits have 3-5
  2. better skills - this mostly just comes with time, t2 guns have extra damage over meta, and t2 ammo can do more damage than t1/faction ammo.
  3. bigger guns - although there’s tradeoffs here like fitting room, giving up utility, and things like tracking. So not always a good choice.
  4. Implants, there are some pretty cheap damage implants that might be worth using, a bunch of the 3% implants drop from missions so there are some decent supplies out there. In FW you probably don’t want to go too shiny on the pod though, personally I like to take the pod express than fly home.
  5. Go shiny, Faction/officer damage mods give even bigger bonuses, There are also polarized weapons that do even more damage but set your resists to 0. There are also some faction drones with augmented in the name, these drones do more damage but cost more.

For example this fit can get over 1000 dps (505 gun 499 drone) with heat and a 15mil 5% mh-805 implant. I’m not going to say it’s a good fit to fly but if you want to max damage it’s worth looking at. I’m sure you could squeeze more dps out of it if you go over my previous points, although it would very quickly get into the silly cost realm.

[Vexor, Vexor fit]

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Ogre II x2
Hammerhead II x2
Hobgoblin II x1

Correction.just under 700 in a practical ratting fit.


You are missing drone tracking and drone movement. Optimal range helps too, but thats the last of teh factors.

To hit a very fast, super low sig frigate you need drones that move at 4.1k+ and have a tracking of 1.3k+.
To hit a slow frigate you need drones that move at 3k+ and have drone tracking of 1.15+, 1.2 is better, at 1.1 it will take an extra volley to kill it.
To hit a cruiser you need a drone that can move faster then the cruiser by at least 25% and have 0.9+ drone tracking. 50% is better, at 25% depending on distance to target, you may lose DPS.

On a VNI, you put in 1 drone navigation computer or drone movement rig, or maybe even both, 1 drone link augmentor for drone range control, 1 Tracking Link Computer with precision script, and with max drone tracking skills, your heavies can now keep up with and hit cruisers. Perhaps not Ogres, but the other ones definetly.

On a regular Vexor, not Navy issue, this is tougher because it doesn’t have drone tracking or velocity bonusses built into it. + You are using turrets for split DPS, so you may end up with low overall DPS and all around poor tracking.

You use mediums for frigates. Valkyries get insane speed and tracking and do so much damage to them that even when they go up against a target with like 70-80% explosive resist, 5 valk 2s just chew right through that. And if not, then pop hammers on them :slight_smile:

You don’t use ligth drones at all, for no reason whatsoever, it is pointless and unnecessary.

So fit 1 drone tracking link computer with precision script, 1 navigation computer, 3 damage amplifiers T2, and pop it into the simulator in the game.

Open up all the panes on the right side where it says navigation, targetting, etc. etc. On the bottom, you will see drones.

Activate your simulation, so that all modules you want to run are runnign etc (especially the tracking computer with that precision script)

Open up where it says on bottom “Drone Management” and select which drones to use.

Right click on one of those drones while it is being used and select “Show Info”

In the info pane go to the “Attributes” Tab, and scroll down a bit, find turret tracking, and velocity.

That will tell you the info you are looking for, now try it out with different drones, for example hammerheads, valkyries, Ogres, Preators, Berserkers, etc.

For me personally, I hit every target destroyer size+ with Ogres. Very reliably, and have to break out medium drones exclusively fro frigates.

Each drone type will give you different damage type, different DPS, but most importantly, different tracking and movement. Select the ones you want to use / play for your fit. Profit.

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