VNI DPS Woes for PVE

Hi All,

Having problems getting my DPS up on my VNI. Can’t crack above 361 DPS. Everyone tells me that is horrible. I’m being told I should be hitting approximately 480 DPS with my current skills but can’t figure out how. Below are my skills and fit. I have to assume I’m doing something wrong.

Trained Skills:
Drone Interfacing III
Heavy Drone Operation III
Gallente Cruiser IV

Drone Link Augmentor II
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
Empty Slot

10MN Monopropellent Enduring Afterburner
_Medium Shield Booster II _
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer II
Damage Control II

Medium Drone Durability Enhancer I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Drone Bay:
5 Federation Navy Orge

DPS: 361

539,4 DPS here with your fit.
Btw what’s your Capacitor problem? Looks like an overkill, I’d say you need less cap and more shield…
Did you skill the magic 14 ?

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Nah just train up your drone skills you’ll get there. People will always inflate numbers in EvE. Bit of attention to your support skills will help you phase out some of those cap mods too so you can use the space a bit better.

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A FOTB Gallente newbie would need train the following skills to fly that ship as fitted:

Afterburner 1
Drone Avionics 5
Drone Sharpshooting 4
Drones 5
Energy Grid Upgrades 3
Gallente Cruiser 2
Gallente Destroyer 3
Gallente Frigate 3
Heavy Drone Operation 1
Hull Upgrades 4
Shield Operation 3
Weapon Upgrades 4

Those are minima. With those skills, the pilot has at least two problems: he’s short about 8.5 tf of CPU, and his dps is only 325. Also, EHP 17K. And his capactitor drains in 2 minutes 12 seconds.

The Magic 14 is a good recommendation, as is just getting your skills up. The additional skills you list as already in your head would bring your dps up to 539 and your EHP to 17.1k. But you still have a CPU problem. CPU Management to level 4 would solve that.

  1. ratting VNI usually fits a 100mn AB, not a 10mn AB, to speed tank incoming dps. Once your speed reaches more than 700-800 m/s you are not hit anymore
  2. your skills are bad. Gallente cruiser 4 should be 5, drone skills (drone interfacing and heavy drone operation) also, and don’t forget to train the racial drone skills (amarr drone specialization for praetors, etc.)

and i would suggest to tank armor, remove damage control (you are not hit with 100mn AB), fit a med armor rep if you are afraid of taking damage at the start of the anomaly, and use mid slot for an omnidirectional tracking link

^ If you’re operating in Nulsec OP, this guys advice is legit. 100MN all the way. In other areas it’s not such a set rule.

I’ve skilled some of them beyond starting level but not all admittedly.

I mainly PVE, so cap stability is very important to me. With all of the cap fittings, I am barely stable at +0.21. (23.3%).

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Great list. I have some of these already. I will set up my plan to train the rest.

Thanks. On point #2: I currently have 4, 3 & 3 respectively.

Are you saying gettingthose 3 up to 5 will have me cracking 500 DPS?

I’m sure I will venture in there eventually. Basically I would like a fit that if I get ganked I have a stone’s throw chance and not just bend over and grab ankles.

Ok, then you should add Capacitor Management and Capacitor Systems Operation to your skilling list. They are part of engineering. And Shield Compensation for your Shield booster.

Quite honestly you’re not going to get a fit that will survive being dropped on by anyone worth their salt. With that said, in a proper alliance with decent systems and good intel you can easily make money and avoid being killed even as a new player.

PvE in dangerous areas in EvE is much more about learning how not to get caught than it is about winning the fight when you do.

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Can’t crack above 361 DPS. I’m being told I should be hitting approximately 480 DPS with my current skills but can’t figure out how.

Where are you getting this number from? From the simulator? Are all 5 of your drones active? Maybe you could post a screenshot?
Like @Boldly_Gone, I’m also getting 539DPS with your exact skills and fit in the simulator. You must be doing something wrong.

Noted. Added to skill queue. Thanks very much.

Sure thing. Yes, it is a simulator. Please see attached.

VNI%20Mids%20%26%20Lows VNI%20Low%20%26%20Rigs VNI%20Stats

Then it looks like you plugged in something (skills?) wrong, as I just installed it and I’m seeing 539 there too.
By the way, long-term it’ll probably be more convenient to use the PC simulator:

I’m starting to wonder if the app is only recognizing 4 drones active. Do me a favor if you would, as my phone just died:

Drop your ogre’s down to 4 and let me know what it does to your DPS.

I checked, it drops to 431. 3 drones is 324. (which could also be calculated by hand).
Do yourself a favor and use pyfa (or, hell, just check in the ingame simulator? It should show 539 too).

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Yep, just installed it. Fitting it out now and we’ll see how it looks. I’m sure your skills are better than mine so I’m betting the 4 drone thing is the issue. Will let you know how I make out.

With a less skilled toon I only have 479 dps (5 drones) and 383 DPS (4 Drones). I think he has Heavy drone operation skilled only to 2 and Drone Interfacing to 3.