Vexor Navy Issue Needs Changeing

So my issue with them is there overpowered I feel the change that needs to happen is to drop them from 125 m.3 Bandwidth down to 100 m.3.

Reasoning is simple at the moment as they stand they make Heavy Assault Cruiser Ishtar and the Battleship Dominix Obsolete for ratting as why bother when you can do it with a Speed tanked VNI for half the price and get the same ticks as a Dominix/Ishtar in nullsec for me it never made any sense for the VNI to have the ability of using five heavy drones.

Four makes more sense as it a slight improvement over the normal Vexor and also makes the grind for the Dominix/Ishtar more Viable again as your PVE boat of choice.

And I actually build and sell VNI on contract at a decent profit and I’ve flown all of the three ships discussed many times so I know what ticks you can get in them in nullsec.


I love to fly drone boats and double weapon system ships with drones and have been doing so for a long, long time. And you’re wrong.

The reason you are wrong is because you are focused on absolute, bottom of the line ■■■■ and ■■■■■■ fits which are designed not for performance, but for minimal ship loss when you lose it while AFK ratting for ISK.

Now when you start doing actual proper fits, instead of AFK ratting and botting, both Ishtar and Domi far surpass the VNI and allow you to solo content that 2-3 VNIs don’t even stand a chance in, hence higher reward. But you not only need to make a proper fit, but also actually play it too, at the keyboard and respond well to what happens. Pilot correctly, watch your transversals, angulars, OH when need to, know when o rep tank, when not to, when to switch out drones, when to grab agro with guns, etc. etc.

It is unfortunate that we have so many people like you in the game, that only know one aspect of ships, how to AFK and bot on them, when in fact they’re really good ships.


Most ships are balanced for how they perform in PVP. PVE weighs far less in the balance system.

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I just think Full Stops are a must…

I think you should try sentry drones Dominix sniper. Unique drone range bonus gives you ability to inflict up to 800 instant DPS at 100 km range. With VNI you need to wait till your drones fly to target, so you lose DPS/hour.

Sounds like your talking about PVP for the first bit.

2nd bit yes and no Ishtar is more versatile in fact it can solo do lv5 Abyssal sites and for ticks per hour Nope you gain like 4-6mill per hour over a VNI but have 3x the isk on the field.

Brawler domi is prob the best it terms of ticks using blaster and drones and you make pretty much on par with a Ishtar but again you have 3x the isk on the field for a fit that can do what you seem to be saying I mean do they even have the edge in mission running anymore? Only edge is in PVP but even then most the time cruiser would just kite you and not engage solo.

Personally I fail to see your point I am saying it makes no sense for a Tech 1 Cruiser to be able to use 5 Heavy Drones Same as a Battleship for a ship not even 1/4 it’s size and for a around 90m cost if fit right you will get 20-22m Per tick in null sec.

If you can provide right now a solid reason why the VNI is deserving of 125 m.3 Bandwidth same as a battleship or a tech 2 cruiser instead of 4 one more than a stranded Vexor I am listening.

I also sell Fitted Sentry Domi and no there ticks are pretty much the same to be honest DPS it can higher but if you factor in warp time unless your system is small you get slightly higher ticks but again you have 2x the isk on the field in a domi so for that extra 100mill on the field you get 16-20m extra per hour.

Heavy drones deal more DPS than Sentry so to be honest No DPS would not be higher as the perks are the same between the Domi and the VNI so I correct myself VNI has higher DPS than a Sentry Domi.

Yes I do agree that there slanted toward PVP, In that case I still think five Heavy Drones is to much I don’t think there is another cruiser in game that has the ability to use 5 heavy drones apart from the Ishtar and that is a tech 2 ship costing over 300m.

It’s also a heck of a increase from the standard Vexor 75 m.3 to 125 m.3 would there performance in PVP be that badly effected if they where dropped to 100 m.3? it would need testing but my fitting I looked at still put them on par with other races Navy ships in terms of dps and tank.

OK I added full stop and separated paragraphs for you still not perfect but it’s better now.

Much better :slight_smile:

VNI has a very limited drone bay which is imo a very big weakness. I thought CCP added drone aggro at some point, but apparently not enough to discourage afk VNI play. I guess they like the VNI afk account money too much. And honestly if you nerf the VNI too much I feel like you might as well start selling myrmidons.

I’d say that’s a pretty core component of Eve’s balance, you can pay way more for something that only gives a slightly better advantage. “Linear gain at exponential cost” is a pretty simple way to think about it.

using your numbers 90m on the field gets 21m/tick, where 190m gets 27m/tick. Using some lazy math that’s about double the cost for a 30% income advantage, that’s actually pretty good for eve prices. compare 5% implants at ~150m vs 6% implants at ~600m. A t2 bcu is what ~1m, a faction one is ~100mil, then an officer versions start in the 100s of millions and go into the 10s of billions.

Just in case, Vexor Navy Issue is not a regular T1 cruiser, it’s a faction cruiser. So it’s logical to get it’s own gimmick to be interesting over the Tech 1 variant, and if you look at it from a RP POV, the Gallente Federation Navy wouldn’t use a version of the Vexor that cost waaay more for something that do only a little less.

Also, if you look at the Gallente ship tree, you are able to use a full flight of five Heavy Scout Drone with the Myrmidon, battlecruiser, so yeah, it’s not only a Battleship feature for the Gallente.

Lol what? Am I missing some rebalance happened recently?

Ah no, my bad, I was looking at the Eos band with -–"

Yeah, only four heavies with Myrm.

I was going to try to explain how if you are really trying to maximize your efficiency for the best ticks/hour - but I can’t get over your English. So, it’s not really worth the effort.
Seriously, your name has “UK” in it - do you speak English?

Yes 4 makes perfect sense for it

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If you only want 4 heavy drones for you VNI, make your drone groups in sets of 4 rather than 5.

The rest of us will continue to use 5 heavy drones.

Think you failed to miss the entire discussion or you don’t like the idea, That is fair enough I can see why it would not be a popular idea but I still feel it’s a necessary change that would still make it a good ship with the ability to use four heavy drones like as someone else pointed our the next class up ship the Myrmidon.

Glad someone Agrees.

Don’t bother I don’t need help with that but thanks anyway.