VNI changes?


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Thanks. Guess the bots need to train into ishtars!


They’ll just use Dominixes and a good number already are.

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They will be amazing for pvp thou damn that looks really nice. 5x 10% bonus’s + a 7.5 rep bonus damn that’s a command ship’s style of bonus’s.


Now all we need is a proper Guristas nerf.

Everything needs to be nerfed into oblivion.


Arent those slower than Vexors?

Well, i guess theyre bots, so it doesnt matter. But It will surely be a lower farm amount than the vexors.

Slower in what way?

If you’re saying slower as in subwarp and warp speed, yes, Dominixes are slower than VNIs.

If you’re saying slower as in “killing rats slower”, no, Dominixes and VNIs currently have the same Drone damage bonuses. A 4 DDA VNI with Gallente Cruiser IV and a 4 DDA Dominix with Gallente Battleship IV will do the same DPS and the isk/tick is comparable between the two with minor differences for NPC rat floating distances.

Yes. Warp, align, warping into speed. Most people who fly botting vexors would program the bot to warp to a safe spot when a neutral flies into system. No one wants to lose a ship, especially the botters.

And still, yes, they will kill rats slower, because they take longer to warp from one anom to another. So overall farming, will be lower.

No, only the things that are verifiable nonsense.


I could always join bitter vets in eve, but when you have been in eve long enough and all you see year after year is nerf, nerf, nerf, then people put forth ideals and it’s no, no, no, at this point there is no point, static universe and that’s what we eve players deserve for being stuck on keeping the circus maximus going.


I feel like you’re making a mountain out of a molehole, but sure.
I would like to see your numbers on exactly how much “slower” this warp factor adds, but I would reckon it’s incredibly insignificant.

This is untrue. Most subcap bots will simply dock up at their assigned citadel. They don’t use safe spots. VNIs, Domis, and Gilas will all just pull drones and initiate a warp back to their citadel and dock up as soon as they land.

The only bots that I know that still use safe spots are some of the older Carrier bots that will cloak up in a safe, but even those are going out of fashion since the removal of the sun bounce bookmarks.

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Wait, are you seriously going to take the position that the Guristas ships are NOT performing far above the rest? Good luck with that.

I’ve ALWAYS posted “Gila for the win” in every event.

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That drone ehp nerf did hit them pretty significantly thou, the only thing keeping them opp is k space npc agro against drone’s, in abyss it is quite a bit harder.

Why not fix the anoms instead of ruining the best pvp cruiser platform for drone focused sub-cap pilots?

So the most drone centric faction cruiser gets a new turret(Still one less than the regular vexor) it doesn’t need, a rep bonus it only needs because this change forces it into blaster range to apply any real damage(I absolutely love rep bonuses btw), and has the one thing that made it special ripped out… Medium drones don’t miss very much, the tracking buff is near meaningless since sentries and heavy are the only ones that ever miss in the first place.

The VNI is not a gun boat, it was never meant to be. We already have plenty of options that are.

Perhaps adjusting the anomalies to eat drones like sleepers would be a better, simpler, and more effective solution? (Many suggested exactly this the last time the VNI was on the chopping block. It fell on deaf ears then.)

The vni is, and always has been about drones and drone damage. It was supposed to be exactly as strong as it is (Stronger really, drone speed bonus protected against kitey frigs). If you really want to stop the afk/bot ratting…


Make drone agro an actual thing.
Add some element of randomness.
Add an assload of webbing frigates that can exceed 100mn vni speeds.
Throw 1-3 web towers into the site waves.
It isn’t rocket science…

Nobody is bitching about the vni in pvp. This indicates that the ship itself is not a problem as is. Why not fix the actual problem instead?

Properly fit the regular vexor can do 12-14m ticks with the same amount of bandwidth and less fitting room/slots and cap. The new vni will not outperform that by much(only tracking). You haven’t fixed anything, just destroyed something.


It really didn’t. A lot of people freaked out about it, but at the end of the day, the nerf hasn’t really changed anything. It’s very common for people to freak out over changes that appear to be big, but when it comes to PvE, the Gila really hasn’t changed at all.

The biggest difference is that in PvP, you can now defang a Gila twice as fast.


@Scoots_Choco As a zealous defender of AFK VNIs, what do you think about this amalgamation of Vexor and Myrm called “revamped” VNI?

I think new VNI got itself in a rather strange position.

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R.I.P VNI, you used to be a nice ship…


When I was in nullsec I used the VNI to rat because it made the most sense in terms of price, ability and efficiency, I did not AFK and I am certainly not a bot. I have 4 VNI’s all fitted and ready for Forsaken hubs with oversized AB’s and heavy drones. I wonder what I will do with them, though I am back in hisec.

Real players will have to skill up into an Ishtar if they are of course Omega and to be blunt I actually preferred the Ishtar as I could get more lock range on it and slightly more DPS, while the bots who are likely Alpha will have to switch to the Domi which makes them slightly easier to catch.

I actually enjoyed using VNI’s because I often used two in the same anomaly and assigned drones to my main and had a small gun on to assign aggression. It was also amusing to do that when people were actively hunting though the system I chose had multiple anomalies and was a long way from the main entry point, so I could align pull drones and be on my way out before they could get on me, and the few times they did get close they had to run as two sets of light drones really messed them up.

As such I will miss that ship as it was and the way I used it, but I made billions out of it. At least however I could use the Ishtar, and with that I will stick my fingers up at the botters for ruining another part of the game.