Drone ship pve in highsec l4 not viable anymore.. fix suggestion included

thanks to the ai keep switching aggro to drone make all drone ship unable to l4 farm succesfully. even battleship switch target and aggro drop midway after i dock and relaunch them constantly.

tested this on EOS with durability rig and implants. lost 1 light drone in process and almost all drone damaged.

due to this, i would like to suggest a fix to make drone pve content viable again. drone need to have rapid regen while dock in ship to regen lost hull/armor/shield. so we can carry 2 squadron of drone (250m3) and switch between them while 1 squadron repair on mothership.

what is your opinion?

the reason i started playing eve online in 2016 is because i was looking for summoner play style mmorpg and found that eve online drone mechanism is similar to summoner.

over the years the fixes to combat bot and afk farming have make this game which attracted me to it in the first place started to lose appeal.

pls make drone ship pve viable again… at least in highsec.

You should have asked the ISD’s to move your other thread rather than create a new one - and it’s still in the wrong place. Should be player features and ideas, not test server feedback. I recommend you request that they merge the posts and put them in the proper place.

As far as the idea is concerned, I do not believe drones should be a “fire and forget” weapon. They should require active management by the pilot who launched them. This would mean removing aggressive mode and the ability to assign them to a “drone bunny”. This might require some adjustment to drone statistics to keep things balanced.

For the time being, you can double the hitpoints of your drones by flying navy faction instead of T2, get another 25% boost to hitpoints with an Overmind ‘Goliath’ implant and yet another 25% with a drone durability rig. You have choices, and choices have consequences. That’s the way things should work in Eve.

You don’t even need to ask ISDs to move thread, you can edit the category yourself. Click to edit the thread title, and you have the option to change category (you don’t actually have to edit the title).

I thought this post was a joke. Isn’t it?

Closed due to multiple posts on the same topic.