The big list of EVE suggestions

I’ve been around since 2007. I remember the Fall of BoB, Myrms using 5 Ogre IIs, and that time when CCP killed the boot sector of hundreds of people’s HDDs. Lately, I’ve been thinking about EVE as a game and the types of things that I’d personally like to see added.

I would like to hear others’ suggestions as well.


1 - DRONE UPDATE Gods and stars above, please update the drones and drone mechanics. Making mission rats target drones was a mistake. It’s another layer of micromanagement and it’s not even a fun one. I understand WHY it was changed, but the change stinks and just makes it unfun because you have to constantly micromanage your drones. For most ships, this is only a small annoyance, but being told I need to wait 30 seconds to launch my drones because I pulled them in and launched them within the past minute to save them is silly. It’s anti-drone nonsense in drone playstyles.

2 - High Slot “Drone Tender” module that would repair drones when they are in proximity. It could also offer minor bonuses to the drones to make up for the taken High Slot.

3 - Drone Models and Animations - I understand why drones will likely never have turrets, but why not give them strafing animations and rockets then? There’s so much that could be done here.


There are so many opportunities for neat, “one-off” ship hulls. Categorize them under a new manufacturer. Give players some new, exciting ship hulls. The new freighters and haulers were interesting but only cater to a very small subset of players.



Give us neat things to find: spooky space stories of hidden labs gone wrong, valiant stories that could be found from old battlefields, interesting cosmic phenomena. Let us find adrift ships and claim them after repairs or bringing their systems online. There’s SO MUCH that could be done with exploration.

Edit: Hire me to make exploration stories, CCP.


Missions are so stale. Can we have procgen missions? New mission environments? Hire someone just to make new missions?


I really wish that the ships felt… bigger. I don’t really know how to explain this. I just feel that spaceships should be these giant, looming entities.

I would like to actually hear the game. I remember ages ago that I could hear every turret and explosion going off around me, and now it’s barely audible. There was some change made in the last 10 years that modified this. At least give us sliders to fine-tune audio distances.

Can we pretty please have the ability to have our HUD on a different monitor and our visuals/ships/etc on another? A lot of us have multi monitor setups and being able to black a screen and have my overlay on it would be awesome.


Make CCP Great Again!

If you message or email CCP, you get cookie-cutter responses now. It didn’t used to be like that. It’s incredibly… disheartening? I mean, if they answer at all. I’ve had a message pending for over a year now, so…

Weapon Animations & Art

Can we PLEASE get better projectile, Hybrid and Laser animations?
Projectile animations are the worst off IMO, followed by Hybrid and then Laser.

Missile Trails - Make them longer and last longer. They’re neat! You know the mining laser dust trail? Yeah, but for missiles.

What is FUN in EVE is rarely what is PROFITABLE in EVE.



Can we please have the ability to set our guns a different color than that portion of the ship?

Can we have Wood Grain and Art Deco styles in the SKINR tool? We already have ships flying around that look like a Rapper’s grill, why can’t I have wood grain on my ship?

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Drones are hard to deal with. Last time they attempted something, it broke the game.

Missions are old as spaghetti. Instead of messing with those, ccp created all the other pve.

Missiles were fixed with better trails and longer. How much of a tail do you need see? Your drone eyes can only see so far out from your ship.

Those drone change suggestions are nothing more than an AFK’er/Botter’s wet dream…



What one finds fun, others may not. Im in a group that profits hand over fist from PVE missions.

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Do you find those missions to be fun? If so, more power to you, man.

Yeah, I agree. Drones are dificult. As far as missiles go, I don’t know. I like them and just figured maybe giving us a slider to play around with would make people happy. The rendering and such is done client side so it’s on our hardware.

IF we have killer hardware, why not let us use it?

No. Drones have unique benefits, like DPS output being mostly unaffected by EWAR, the ability to tank for you, extreme versatility against large and small targets, great range of operation even without support modules and the ability to remote-assist them and aquiring new targets even without commanding them. The need to watch them closely and focus down dronekillers or scoop them back in quickly is a nessessity.

That being said, Rats attacking Drones is an absolute must-have feature, else botters and afklers would crab even more content all day long, even the more difficult ones. Tbh dones don’t even get enough aggro. All future content should give the AI the ability to hardcore focus down drones that go away from the host ship too much, at least in all other content than pure Newbie Highsec Anos or L1 missions. There are ways to deal with that, just learn the game, Isthars and Gilas perform excellent in the HighTier Abyss and the AI there is the most aggressive vs Drones.

I would agree to Drones being repaired by the host ship, but only:

  • when in the drone bay
  • delay of 1 minute before repairs start
  • extremely slowly repair, like 1hp/s

The purpose is not to strengten them in combat, but to remove the annoyance to repair them manually after each engagement. It would help roams and daytrips while not affecting actual combat.

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I agree with some of that but retain that I think drones need a heavy update that make them more pleasant to play with for active players.

I actually agree with everything here.

Then find a solution that makes them more fun to play actively while make them suck for AFKlers and botters. CCP once tried to remove the “auto attack” feature so you would have to use them manually on each new target, like a gun/missile system, but people also raged instantly about it because that level of “fun” was obviously not wanted, quite the opposite, more convenience is wanted. But convenience always has to come at the price of performance.

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I think making them more like fighters would a good idea…

Would absolutely ruin botters and AFKers ability to use them passively, while providing a more active players actual engaging combat instead of release, press F, look at pew pew.

Hell, it would be more active than turrets.

yeah but it would make them also almost unusable for mixed-type droneships.
Imagine a Curse for example: Keeping your range to stay alive, managing your cap while neuting, applying TDs on the correct targets and then having to mange your only little DPS with the fighter UI against things that come too close? Almost to impossible to manage except for a few cracknerds.
Same goes for almost any other active combat ship that uses drones as additional source of DPS against certain targets that are otherwise hard to hit for the main damage system (Amarr Laserboats, HM/HAM ships) or those where Drones aren’t bonused but still offer a significant part of their damage output (Sacri), making all drones like Fighters would severly nerf these ships in heated combat.

ah, yea. that is true…

Maybe new class of drones/fighters?

Ships dedicated to drones would have the fighters type controls, which ships that just have drones supplement their dps retain the current system?

This way at least hampers afkers and botters since they would have to go to a hybrid ship instead.
While making pure drone ships more active.

This however would introduce more skills that won’t really be useful outside of pure drone ships… while turreted ships already share skills when it comes to turrets.

I actually really like that idea. Having drones for dedicated drone ships would allow CCP to tweak only specific ships or drones instead of the whole lineup.

I have a feeling if this came about drone only ships would be a whole lot less used in null ratting :slight_smile:
Ishtar revolution haha