Drone Module + Nanite Goo

I propose drones be changed completely. There should be a drone module slot. With drone scripts. The scripts determine the drone launched. The you need material (nanite paste or drone parts) to build and launch a drone. There should be a construction delay, and then a new drone is launched. Of course that would only apply when drones are destroyed, otherwise you’d have 5 racked up drones.

It would bring drones in line with other weapon systems. Drone pilots would now be required to carry an “ammo” for drones like other weapons.

With each new expansion or addition to the game, the NPCs target drone smore frequently and quickly. I’ve been a drone whore since 2004 when I first started. I know how to fly drones. I can normally keep them alive. The last month, on anything but a rattlesnake or Gila, I barely look away from the screen for a minute to talk with my wife and I lose a drone. Being equally capable of mission running missile boats, blaster boats, Autocannon boats, etc… there’s no other weapon type that’s going to drain more money in ammo costs as this continuing drone hate trend is showing. Hell, in the last few weeks, I’ve even started losing sentries on my Ishtar. I had one start taking hits today and lost it before I could dock them up, and I was right on top of them and watching it happen. It wouldn’t sting if I could rebuild and launch a replacement without having to drop my site or mission and run back to base to resupply drones to have the firepower needed to finish.

Your proposal does not solve an existing problem or address a deficiency with the game, does not enhance the game or add an interesting new dimension to the game but rather the changes are completely unnecessary and obtrusive to the existing experience, and renders drones, which are inherently non-ammo based, into non-drones, thereby eliminating the concept of drones in their entirety from the game. Your proposal also has zero consideration for the much simpler and direct alternatives for improving drone gameplay, and has zero regard for the negative consequences of such radical changes. Furthermore, the notion of a ship manufacturing drones live before shooting them is unrealistic, nonsensical, goes against lore, and also goes against desirable gameplay. This proposal has less merit than there is lemon and lime in Sprite.


This is already part of the game with the limited Drone bay.
It’s up to you to select and carry the proper combination of drones.

Seems like the problem here is you failing to pay attention to the game.
Also, Gilas get a MASSIVE increased to Drone HP, so if you’re losing drones with a Gila, you’re doing something very wrong to begin with.



so you would build drones in space? since when do we build something in space in EVE? that whole sounds more then stupid to me … sorry

please move this to https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/player-features-ideas … thank you



Tough crowd.

Also i said, i said in anything but a rattlesnake or gila.
Also i thought i managed to put this in the right home

Also also, there no reason lore-wise that creodrone couldn’t come up with a better way


hmm … if you think so but …

Forum Feedback & Requests: if you request something of if you have feedback to the forum itself … different colour … buttons … the forum … not the game

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you dont want to change the forum … you want to change drone stuff ingame …

so you are wrong with you guess its in the right subforum but who cares if others can find it and can talk about it … guess its not what you want …


How do i move it? Or do i need to create a new post? I’ve never been good in forums. Thanks for the help

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“There no reason lore-wise” is not compelling reason for a gameplay change to be implemented.

lol. Yeah, we can be kind of hash sometimes. Don’t let it get to you.

I was addressing someone’s complaint that my idea was against the lore.

I don’t. Some people have to attack other’s to feel good about their own ideas and thoughts. It’s ok. I’m sure my idea if it ever caught steam could be made into reality. I know it won’t but I enjoy getting it out. Maybe I’ll get lucky, a dev will see this, and some compromise could be made. Maybe they could make turrets targetable, and then you could you’d have to retract them and deploy them to keep them from being knocked out :smiley:


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My typo is terrible, but I think the idea has merit. my drones can be targeted. Why doesn’t it make sense that turrets should be able to be targeted and potentially knocked out. They already have a system in place for module to take damage. It’d make that relevant for people who avoid overheating their systems too. I like it.

I don’t like turret targeting. If it’s significantly easier to destroy the turrets than it is to kill the ship, then people will just degun your fleet and then kill you once you run out of fireable guns, which is effectively a nerf to your ship’s EHP. If it’s not significantly easier people will just shoot you until you die anyway. It’s a really complicated way to either reduce a ship’s tank or do nothing, depending on the specifics.

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OR it means smartbombs effectively hit whichever side is weakest, allowing them to take ships out of the fight whichever way is fastest without looking at what that actually is, meaning something like pipebomb fit rokhs with a full rack of explosive smartbombs will shreck doctrine it can get close on through killing their guns, drones, missiles and launchers as they also shred the ships.

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Why doesn’t it make sense for us to target the reactor, leaving ships without cap? Why can’t beam lasers just slice through critical systems? Why do ships go from full performance to splodypop at 0 hull, with no loss of function as they’re damaged prior to the magic 0?

The short answer is that the damage models, and the paradigm is set based on the level of abstraction which is both feasible and only a moderate pain to teach people a critical mass of the mechanics to “close enough to function” without all the math or super tight micromanagement like managing each system beyond the level of “module x off/on/heated”

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Have you ever flown a drone boat, been pinned down by targets that you can’t kill, can’t kill you, but can gank all your drones if you launch them while they wait for someone bigger to show up that can kill you. Most drone pilots have experienced this to one amount or another. It sucks.

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