Drones are killing variety in EVE PVE

Having played eve for many years, there’s been one real constant that i’ve noticed, Vexor, VNI, Gila, Rattlesnake, Ishtar, Dominix, Praxis, Nestor, Eos, Myrmadon etc.

When it comes to PVE in Eve-Online, it’s generally one of the above that you turn to, whether it be running forsaken hubs or havens in null sec, Abyssal traces, or even finding a cheap way to do wormhole sites, most people turn to the ability to put a drone boat on grid and either multibox them, or go AFK completely.

This lack of requirement to be at the keyboard to control your ship and make decisions i feel is a major contributor to the botting problem that is seen in many regions of Null Sec, and has killed the diversity of eve PVE in general.

Additionally drone boats have a vast advantage over other weapon systems for PVE in the lack of overheads, all other weapon systems require ammunition, the cost of which detracts from the overall profits of the PVE, this puts a natural and unfair nerf on all other weapons that drone boats should be balanced to meet.

I would love to one day head out into the universe and come across a zealot running a Sansha Forlorn Hub in Paragon soul, or a Cerberus in Deklein, just some variety would be nice.

Sadly when i am flying through space 95% of the ships that i see in sites in Null Sec are Ishtars, and it’s almost guaranteed that as soon as i enter system their script has them pulling drones and warping back to their citadel until the intel bot character they have next door shows that i have moved on.

When i’m discussing running Abyssals with my corp mates, the discussion always swings back around to, it doesn’t matter what type you’re running, just use a Gila.

I’d like to see something done to balance drone boats and make other ships more viable options for PVE, spice up the landscape a bit and add some variety.

A couple of options i have thought of are detailed below, and yes i know the hardcore botters and krabs will ree about changes to their beloved and easy ISK/H, but i couldn’t really care less, you’re part of the problem and don’t want to admit that there is one.

Balance option 1:
Allow the NPC AI to take into account the tank and repair amount of the entity that they are shooting, and if they decide they are unlikely to be able to break the tank of their current target, give them the ability to swap targets.
In the case of a drone boat, this would hopefully force more drone agro, requiring the player to be active at their keyboard in order to avoid losing drones and incurring the overhead of replacing them.

Balance Option 2:
Perhaps a change to the way drones are controlled could be implemented to make them more like fighters, force the player to control a primary weapon set, a secondary weapon set, and an MWD/AB, as well as manually directing them to attack specific targets, instead of them automatically attacking targets.

I’m imagining that the above suggestions will incur quite a bit of trolling and reeing from the community, but just know that i enjoy your tears, i enjoying seeing how many selfish individuals there are in eve that only want what is best for themselves, instead of considering the health of the game at large.

So if you must cry, at least make it a decent cry, and don’t just embarrass yourself by falling back on sad and tired stereotypes of personal insults, at least try and make your reeing decent for all of us to enjoy.

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Tell me you don’t fly drone boats or play EVE.

LOL using drone boats on sleepers ROFL.

Ishs only rule null my guy.

Abyss can be doable, but drone management is a thing, hence why they threw in those drone killer clouds.

There is a ton of drone aggro out there.

Ever try to run an event site? ROFL.

Its ok bro.

Tell us what the bad drone did to you :smiley:


Drones haven’t done anything bad to me, you’re wrong there.

I’m just disappointed that the ease of their use kills diversity in Eve.

What do you have against diversity?

When was the last time you saw someone running a forlorn hub, or a rally point in null?

If abyssal have the drone killer clouds, why are Gilas still considered the be all and end all of abyssal running?

My guy, I don’t associate with krabs or live in null :smiley:

I do actually like using the ish as a bait ship in low but rocking those sweet neuts yennoe?

Depends what kind of abyssal ya running and actually there are a wide array of ships used for abyssals.

I can already tell you’ve never run the Abyss with a drone ship or at all LOL.

How about you try and go do these activities before crying to daddy CCP eh?

That’s why carriers and fighters exist. Not everyone lives in nullsec or has your bot/krabbing problem. No thanks…

I feel like you just found a bunch of threads from 6 years ago and didn’t realize the date. Drones haven’t been a major problem for a long time. Everything outside of autocannons are pretty well balanced now

Ok, so i see the people responding haven’t actually read my post.

So lets start again by asking this question:

Why is there so little room for diversity in the ships being used for subcap PVE in Null Sec and Abyssal running?

I like how you just skipped over my reply cause it shredded you :smiley:

There is a ton of abyssal variety.

Its clear you don’t run in Abyss circles LOL.

As for null, the ish is best to run those types. Doesn’t mean you can’t run it with other ships tho LOL.

Also most corps give them away so

I run T4 electricals in Zealots, check the killboards or the abyss.eve-nt site.
I do this because i want to be the change i want to see in eve.
But the truth of the matter is that the Gila is a superior ship to run them in for efficiency.

And thank you for acknowledging the problem, that the drone boats out compete all other ships for running nullsec PVE sites, this is exactly what i am saying i would like to see changed.

There is no diversity in nullsec subcap PVE because other ships have no ability to compete with drone boats in efficiency and ease of use, Corps give the ships out because they are recognised as being the best and easiest to use, this is what i would like to see balanced.

LOL so you prove your own theory wrong.

Awesome :smiley:

Then you know there is a wide variety of ships running the Abyss.

Uh I didn’t say all of that. I got no problem with the ish, its one my fav ships.

I don’t see a problem with it in null either.

But I mean keep crying to daddy CCP tho, its entertaining :smiley:

Thanks, but no thanks, drones are supposed to be semi-intelligent, semi-autonomous weapons. I do my PVE 100% of the time im a Loki and have my Hornets take care of frigates and destroyers while I missile down the bigger targets. I don’t need more button pressing and clicks just so that your false idea of bot harm can be satisfied. Bots don’t care about the additional input effort. Such a change only harms actual players.

If you want variety, implement it yourself. Cerbs deal the same DPS as Ishars if you use HAM. Zealots in Sansha space? With the amount of TDing, you are going to have a lot of fun with gun boats. :joy:

Funny story here: CCP initially said that they wanted Abyssal space to be an area where drones don’t rule and other ships and weapons are better to use. Initially that even worked out and Vagas or Sacrileges were popular. But very quickly after the introduction of Abyssal space, CCP caved to the braindead masses and stopped implementing fast-paced changes that would make it challening for Gilas to rule there. They even started mass-pandering Gila skins to the braindead abyssal runner. They have never advertised a single Sacrilege or Vaga or Cerberus skin for abyssal space, thoough. It just shows how incapable and inconsistent CCP is.

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If you want variety, implement it yourself.

I think you missed the part in my above reply where i said i was already doing just this by running a Zealot in abyssals, the problem being is that it is not as efficient as using a gila, as you pointed out in your next paragraph.

LOL so you prove your own theory wrong.

Awesome :smiley:

Not sure where this came from, so i’m going to reason you’re just throwing it in there discredit my idea, and thus will ignore this comment.

Then you know there is a wide variety of ships running the Abyss.

Take a look at the Abyss.eve-nt site https://abyss.eve-nt.uk/fits The vast, vast majority of fits suggested there are gilas, and mostly for the drone usage.

I don’t see a problem with it in null either.

When was the last time you saw any other Cruiser, HAC, or BC being used to run a site in null PVE other than a Vexor, VNI, Ishtar, or Myrmadon?

As my original point was in my original post and every subsequent post, drone boats do not suffer from the same detractions that other weapon systems do, and thus they have gained prevalence over them, i would like to see this balanced out to make other weapon types just as efficient and viable for making isk as the drone boats.

Bro you literally don’t use an ish :smiley:

The key word you used is suggested. You don’t actually know LOL.

If you spent any time in the abyss runner channels, you know multiple fits are used and debated depending on what you’re doing. You yourself admitted you don’t use an ish :smiley:

A ton when I filayeet in there :smiley:

Its ok bro. Keep on crying to daddy CCP.

Drone boats been nerfed plenty since I started EVE.

There are bigger fish to fry.

But keep crying to daddy CCP.

It amuses me :smiley:

Certain NPC rats should have smartbombs. This would force more drone micro and make drone boats swap to drones with the correct resist profile.

Sensor damps should also affect drone control range. This would require sentry users to be more mindful of where they deploy their drones in a fight.


LOL, npcs aggro drones all the time.

I can tell ya’ll don’t fly drone boats :smiley:

The real culprits are the golems running 4s AFK cause auto target missiles :smiley:

I understand your concerns, and it can definitely feel like the meta is cornered, specifically in regards to abyssals. One thing to keep in mind is that the meta is very slow moving, and compared to other games, very poorly optimized. Just because it seems like everyone is saying it’s the best thing to do doesn’t mean that it is. Try out the stormbringer in abyssals. No drones, lots of fun

Exactly. There are a ton of effective fits compared to drone boats.

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There is lots of room for diversity and top tier pve earning doesn’t involve drone boats.

People fly drone boats because of some idea they can be AFKd which while to a certain extent is true is also very out of date.

Take the Ishtar for instance. Run a couple of combat sites in one or a level 3/4 mission and you will very quickly see that the rats switch agro arbitrarily and often.

If you are not paying attention you will lose your drones and the time spent pulling them in and putting them out again to reset aggro is time you aren’t earning. The other option is to use cheap drones and let them die which again is hurting your efficiency as drones aren’t any cheaper as ammo than anything else and you can store a lot less of them.

If you want to actually make good/top tier isk doing pve you will be in just about anything else.

Maybe he bought some of them discount 1 mil ISK Geckos from Jita local. :smirk: :popcorn: