Guristas ship lineup bonuses shift suggestion

As outlined in World tour slides:


i propose a slight mixup to Guristas hull bonuses to make them

  • less “alpha friendly”
  • more sensible

General idea: make drone bonuses depend on skill levels and move missile damage to caldari bonus.

For example, Gila:

Caldari cruiser bonus:
+4% to shield resistances per level
+10% to kinetic and thermal missile damage
Gallente cruiser bonus:
+20% to medium drone damage and HP per level
Role Bonus:
+200% to medium drone damage
+75% to medium drone HP

That way Alphas will lose 1.2 effective drones worth of drone DPS (from 12 to 10.8). With alpha skills changes they will become a much more reasonable hulls on Alpha skillset compared to now, imo, especially with axed VNI.

i propose this change for Alpha-capable hulls: Worm, Gila and Rattlesnake.

Edit: updated to make per-level gains less by splitting drone bonus.

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As I have advocated since Peobe…STOP balancing crap, and start developing new content for us to play the ships we have in.

That is an unreasonable shift to requiring maxed skills to use a ship effectively at all.

So asking to require skills to use things efficiently is now considered unreasonable. Ok.


Definitely an interesting way to deal with how powerful the Gila is in the hands of Alphas. I’m not sure I’m sold on the necessity of it, but if this was a priority for CCP to change, I think this would work.

If you can’t use a Gila that only has +400% to drone damage and +200% to drone hitpoints, then you may want to take a close look at your definition of “unreasonable”.

As pointed out, ccp actively wanted to avoid having such big differences between levels. They weren’t even that happy with the drake, brutix and harby damage bonuses because it basically meant they were ineffective until trained to level 5.

That was before the alpha with gila cancer though. This may be an exception to the rule.

With the planned passive resistance modules re-balance so “They dont take up all the slots on passive tanked hulls” AND new shield “Slave” implant set something will have to be done with that accursed vessel, imo.

Sadly, the only way to do that reasonably is to give Gila 3rd drone and reduce the overall drone damage bonus to +300% (+60% per level, 10.2 effective drones on alpha, same 12 on “all 5”) and HP bonus to +200% (+40% per level, 9 effective combined drone HP compared to current 7 but each drone is a little bit thinner). But that would remove the flavor of 2 drones only on Guristas subcap hulls.

Changing ships doesn’t do anything but apply a quick, easily avoided patch to ongoing issues. We need to solve those issues, not remove options.

Having a ship that is easy to get into that outperforms its peers does exactly that - removes options.

+1, most pirate cruisers have their main damage buffs through cruiser skill levels, so why is the gila the exception to the rule

I feel we need an entire re-balance pass on all ships as everything is mostly out of control at the moment. Cruisers are more feared than battleships, capitals are everywhere, impossible to catch frigates are all to common and the disparity between different racial lines for certain activites is so vast it’s a wonder why it keeps getting worse.
One ship at a time is how we got to this mess.

But thats not what this suggestion is about. Nothing changes about the ship(s) @all5 skill levels. The suggestion is to make
comply with CCP’s focus of

I think suggested change perfectly fits and makes sense, especially when closest alternative to Gila will be changed so much that its not an alternative anymore.

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After thinking about this bit for a while i think i found a neutral solution…
What if drone bonus was split?

Updated OP.

May be a good way to reach a middle ground.

Really though i just wish alphas weren’t allowed into pirate ships.

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You still have the option to use the Gila, you just have to train the relevant skills to V like you should be doing anyway?

Oh wait, you mean we shouldn’t remove options from alphas? Because that’s exactly what we should be doing, nerfing them to provide more incentive to become paying customers instead of useless parasites.

No, instead of just patching the ship we should be looking at the core problem, not the ship everyone is flying.
That doesn’t mean a rework isn’t a good thing, but if the boat is leaking and just get a new boat… and it leaks too… the problem is elsewhere and should be fixed.

Again. Nothing about the ship is going to be changed - it stays exactly the same at maximum omega skills but less powerful in the hands of alpha pilots.

Sentry Drones can now be mounted straight onto Guristas ships and move along with the ship.

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