Guristas Balance Pass

It’s long overdue for a Guristas balance pass.
TLDR; Time to hit the Guristas line with the nerf bat.

There’s no point in stating the obvious here. Look at any solo PvP frigate, ratting or PvE guide and you consistently find three words that refer to totally Op ships: Worm, Gila, Rattlesnake. Time to reign these bad boys in…

250% bonus to Light Combat Drone damage and hitpoints

250% bonus to Medium Combat Drone damage and hit points
60m3 drone (reduced from 100m3)

-1 missile launcher (4 launchers, 2 utility high slots total)

  • Yes! The Guristas line is long overdue for a nerf!
  • Maybe, but the proposed nerf may be to severe.
  • No, the Guristas line is fine as is.

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Even better, would be 0 starting drone bandwidge and high slots give the bandwidth back.

But I bet you now we will see Gila 495% bonus to medium combat drone damage and hit points rather xD lol.

Actually the rattle has 1 too many lows for a shield ship the gila drone bay is comparatively large unlike it’s battleship and frigate counterpart.
They’ll never give the gila a 4th low slot back btw.
They should each have only room for 3 flights of 2 gila has room for 10 drones worm was 5 I think and rattle 8

Yes, you’re right - the Gila does have a ridiculously large drone bay.
You’re also probably right about the low slot on the Gila.

Yep…to all in fact. Wasn’t expecting that.

What’s the purpose of buffing the power grid of the Gila so much?
Everything else makes sense except for that.

So it can run something other than RLMLs (not sure if the extra grid is needed, though).

Who said that Guristas ships are original posters?

The Worm and the Gila have been gimped already and the fitting screen is not a good indicator of how much damage a ship does.

Whenever you are yolo-kiting a vindicator, that 5000 dps vindicator does zero dps. Medium and heavy drones are not very difficult to outrun.
Show me the capital ship that was killed by a Worm, so I always have something to cheer me up.

How about we neutralize the neutralizer bonus on the neutralizer- errm trollgorn instead.

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Just curious, do you feel Guristas ships are too powerful due to their bonus, or because they focus on Drone as primary weapon?


The bonuses to the drones is what makes the ship line too powerful.

I know Gila will get hit by nerf because no way CCP would ignore their own fact which tells that 65% of Aybss are done by Gila

But unfortunately, I feel that any nerf on Gurista won’t change fact that they are still Go To for PVE ship (unless they perform poorer than other drone boat)

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Sheer gank and tank for me.

And when you think about the mods that are often suggested to be op; drones, rapid launchers, asb’s and oversized prop mods it’s like a bingo card for gurista ship fittings.

They should perform equivalent to other ship’s too not just drone boat’s.

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