Gila's 500% drone bonus is a typo no one wants to admit to

Change my mind. :slight_smile:

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Should have posted to ships and modules. Any way I can move this myself?

Nope, but I flagged it as off-topic for you. Stealth “nerf Gila again” thread (as 1000’s of Abyssal explorers cry out in terror!)

Change your mind?

a. Is it used for ratting in null-sec and wormhole space?
b. Would said players be very, very unhappy with another nerf - leading to another Jita riot?
c. Do we nerf the Gila without also nerfing the Rattlesnake and opening up a can of Worms? (see what I did there?)

I don’t think a change for the Gila would mean a change for the other two. The worm gets a 300% bonus, which makes sense - it’s like a tristan with one extra drone and a bunch of extra tank. The Rattle - I can’t say anything about since I don’t like to fly bss. The 500% skill independent bonus though is absurd. Jita riots are 100% fine by me - just a part of the game, IMHO.

As an aside, I’m not trying to push for a nerf - I am trying to understand why the 500% bonus (unless it’s a typo no one wants to admit to). :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Gila should have a 250% drone bonus and the Rattlesnake a 150% drone bonus, one less missile launcher and one more utility high (for a total of 2). Both need to be hit with the nerf bat so bad it’s not even funny…

I do agree with you, though The 500% drone bonus combined with passive shield recharge basically gives you the equivalent of two destroyers. It’s more than a tad insane and why the Gila is dominating (64%) in Abyssal space.

Welcome to the Abyss. Bring your Gila…


It’s not a typo, the Chameleon was given a 600% bonus.

Yes, because we all love flying the Chameleon…


Maybe the gila is the only ship that’s actually balanced for eve’s pve content? And all other ships need a buff to catch up to the gila ^_^, please don’t nerf my op gila CCP please rather buff all other 249 ship’s I like afking in a site and getting the loot for free.

Look at the dps most cruisers put out (other than blasters). you’ll find it’s not half way between frigate and bs.

Haha, right.

I stuffed this into the PVP Ships and modules. Couldn’t Figure out whether you was discussing PVP or PVE, so i just guessed.

Thanks! Either would have worked, but I think posting this in PVE ships and modules would just have ended up in me getting shouted down by angry ratters or me being ignored by said ratters. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about PVE, but I am guessing the 500% typo could explain why I see so many gillas ratting away. The 100mn VNIs, also prevalent, at least have to make compromises to fit the oversized prop and achieve DPS comparable to the Gila.

i think it’s more of a General Discussion about the percentages.

The Chameleon can stay @600%. It’s not like most of us mere mortals will ever get to fly it anyway.

The VNI’s drones actually die as well xD I often watch gila drones go down to 30% then rep back up while They taking full room agro.

It does need a Nerf. Right now it dominates Abyss space because of its damage application, tank, speed. And the fact that it’s drones get a huge HP bonus.

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It also dual tanks with drones and a passive shield. But it’s next to impossible to lose drones. Even if you do, you have 9 more…

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Not everyones a Chamillionaire.


The Worm, Gila and Rattlesnake are all so oppressive that hitting them with a nerf bat isn’t sufficient. They need to be repeatedly waterboarded and drowned in the nerf pool.

The only question is how long it will take and the number of tears extracted when it finally happens.

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The problem is that the only weakness to them is that their drones are weak to e-war and by weak to e-war I mean they still diffuse e-war twice as much as a ship dependent on gun’s but still a lot less than the usual 5 drones.

Also AI cannot apply e-war to drone’s currently so there is that xD.

Even if they did it would not balance out the rest of the pve content, only abyss, although it would pretty much make gila’s useless.