GILA Drone Stack HP Now Inferior to All Other Drone Boats

GILA Drone Stack HP Now Inferior to All Other Drone Boats

Before NERF - Gila Drone Stack HP
2 + 500% = 12

After NERF - Gila Drone Stack HP
2 + 250% = 7

Other Drone Boats Stack HP
5 + 50% = 7.5

(excuse me for my bad english)

Thanks for letting us know.
I had threads locked for better posts than this.

A few times I’ve tried getting around that by adding a “Discuss!” at the end, but they saw through that one pretty quickly. So instead I started writing my posts more in ways that allow people to talk about things and … you know what?

That actually worked!

So you are saying that even after the recent nerf the Gila drones are still much more resistant to area-of-effect damage and should be nerfed to the 50% bonus that standard drone bonused ships provide?

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Is he saying that?
What’s Stack HP anyway?

Nah, apparently the effort of making that post in English was so mentally exhausting that the OP didn’t have it in him anymore to actually present an argument. I assume stack HP is the total HP of a flight of drones.

I was just pointing out that individually Gila drones are still stronger than regular drones.

Just remember that no other droneship can carry as many full flights of drones as the Gila can.

Takes a real rocket scientist to figure that one out.

But when they’re individually stronger than regular drones, then …
… shouldn’t they be stronger as a whole, too?

You can give the Gila back it’s five drones now.
The reason it had three removed is because two were overpowered.
Now that you nerfed the two, I see no reason why the gila shouldn’t get five drones back.

Rocket scientist says NO :rofl:

CCP changes game stats so that there is less afk behavior and botting due to having to actively manage your drones for drone survivability and certain people get angry…go figure.


They are still much more resistant vs smartbombs or AoE than other drones. Only if someone is shooting the drones one by one do they have less HP.

Hey now … this makes no sense!
So either you make no sense, or the OP makes no sense!

psst…OP, wanna buy a drone navigation computer? Cheapest in game!

I think it is time for one of the classics:

I already miss Guard… Crashing Eversterdam is sounding better…

Yes and after this Spring Balance Update we need a new song.

“Bring on the Nerf Bat Machine”

Anyone that has flown the Gila can fully admit that it’s drones had absolutely silly tanking capabilities. The Gila still has the tank of a battleship and the drones kept their damage output. It was a good compromise and makes abyssal with them not a complete faceroll.


Amusingly, the ones complaining generally all have broken English.



This is just an act of some kind of activity because they do not have clue what to do with the game …
So it was in socialism as well: let’s pretend we’re doing something :rofl: