Balance the unicorns (Guristas)

Since the last thread on this is 2 years in the past: The Guristas pirate ship line is still overpowered and needs to be brought in line with other, comparable ships. So either reduce drone damage and tankability for the guristas or boost everything else. Things are getting boring and need to be mixed up, am i right?

Nope. Guristas are underpowered and need a major buff. Increase their missile damage to 10%/level to encourage using missiles as well as the drones, and they should probably have their drone bandwidth increased to allow 3-4 drones (at their current buffed stats) instead of two.

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Maybe this only applies to the Gila.

Worm is I think the #2 ship for frigate abyssals

Gila is the #1 abyssal ship.

Rattlers are not even in a bad place, being able to be setup for sleeper site or conduits fairly simply and one of the higher tier mission ships

They’re not the best pvp ships, but for many other uses, they set the power curve and their top end is the top end total.

You know you’re allowed to fly ships other than the Gila.
If you’re getting bored, why don’t you mix it up and fly something else?

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And here’s the end of the discussion. Nobody cares about PvE balance.

The best way to improve PVE is to make PVE more resemble PVP :wink:

Gurista ships most certainly do not require a buff (esp. missiles)

Lots of people care very deeply about pve balance.

Especially for the most efficient way to do x or y, because those then become the default way to fund much of the pvp that happens. The only people totally disconnected from it are large alliance nullbears who are far enough removed from the making of isk to not need to engage in it.

Also, “not the best” doesn’t mean not okay, just not the absolute top ship in any given type of widely used doctrine and not exceptional solo boats. This is largely because of their cost and the lack of 20-40 pilots on a side gangs, where they would absolutely shred in spider gangs for gilas and rattles, or be great counter tackle for worms.

I’m not as familiar with their caps as to say how they sit, but I would be surprised if they’re not really good but cost too much to use in serious engagements.

And? Who cares if there’s a default way to do PvE. No matter how you do it PvE is a menial task, does it really matter what ship you’re using? Just use the best ship and stop complaining about it.

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And Gila’s are fine there.
Their popularity is due to their versatility, not their power. In almost every case there is actually a better boat, but a Gila is easy to use, forgiving on fitting and can do most content pretty well.
That doesn’t make them OP.

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Oh good…I was wondering how much longer I would have to wait for yet another whiner to come into the forums looking to nerf the Guristas ships and/or missiles. Whew…I was afraid I might have to wait a whole week.

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Nor do I think they are. They’re a very versatile line of ships but only a few builds are particularly high on the pvp power curve, and while they’re a great ship for several kinds of pve, they’re not 2014 ratting dominix/ishtar levels of out of line. They could use some slight tweaks but thats things like a slightly better cap on the rattlesnake (it could use 1-3% faster recharge or larger cap capacity imo)

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