Rifter Love

I think that the rifter could use a little bump after losing its high slot. Removing the falloff range bonus in favor of a RoF bonus would give it the extra edge it needs, along with giving it parity with the Rupture, Hurricane and Tempest. It’s the most iconic ship in eve (even gets its own button/silhouette for fitting) so it should be given the attention it deserves. Maybe giving it an agility/speed boost too to keep people on their toes.


Like you say, the Rifter already gets plenty of attention. I suggest spreading the love a little bit and focus on something else.

For example: how about buffing some of the cruisers a bit, if only so Abyssal runners get some other sane choices besides the Gila.

Or balance out the Assault Frigs a bit. I’m kind of getting tired of seeing nothing but Retributions everywhere.


No please, I love as it is.

I found the application bonus is really nice, you can kick out kiters with barrage, orbit / keep at 6.5km range with fusion without needing barrage.

And it applyes good alpha very well with hail in the 3.5km - 1km range.

Fixed it. You’re welcome. Thanks. Bye.


No the Gila is fine and balanced

Gila aside,

I still think the rifter is missing something. Back in the day it was pretty spectacular at crushing the competition before the other frigates got brought up to snuff, so while you could say that it’s “balanced” now compared to the others, it feels anything but.

I honestly think it would do well as a dedicated ‘bruiser’ frigate. The Merlin, Incursus, and Punisher all fit extremely well into that category and perform well because their advantages and disadvantages don’t step on each others toes; they’re just different enough to not outperform each other. Having a double damage bonus Rifter would be a solid pick since it would have strong dps, but better range control and damage selection than a blaster boat. Damage and the ability to choose engagements or adapt to them is what made the original Rifter great, so giving it a powerful damage increase would offset the loss in range, since it’s easy enough to scramkite with barrage ammo as it is.

I mean, look at the Rupture and Hurricane. They’ve more or less been really solid ships in their respective weight classes for most of their history because their huge damage modifiers and the natural flexibility of projectiles lets them get the most out of the weapon system. It wouldn’t have quite the dps of a merlin, but high enough with the damage selection to make it a serious threat if the pilot’s smart enough to pick the right ammo at the outset, and with the low sig and speed, a strong contender against anything you prepare for, which is what i think is at the core of competent PvP in this game.

TLDR; the same things that make the Rupture and Hurricane good in their weight class should make the Rifter stand out.

I totally agtrer.

The problem and the beauty of the minmatar ships ( frigates even more ) is that you must know what to do and play where your opponent don’t want to play. With a blaster ship is clear you want to be as near as possible.

You need to max more skills than other races, speed, armor, shields, missiles, neuts, drones…

Another complication, is that you must choose the right damage type or you will be done.

These are pilot “skills” need time to be adquired.

So please CCP the rifter is beatifull now, don’t touch it :).

well what you just listed is why it would be good with the double damage bonus; having that extra dps helps it out better in comparison to other ships, and gives it more reliable uses than a falloff increase does.

this is a problem with ccps lazy implementation of abyssal space and their rush to pump out gimmicks for short spikes in acu.

We already had 200 dps frigs.
Rifter is unique now, able to brawling well and kick off a kiter with the same brawling fit.
It reach almost 200dps heated with hail, perfect skills and double gyro.
One AAR can not tank that alpha and dps combined.
It doesn’t need more dps.

Just people wanting to learn how to fly a minnie ship.
You need to adapt to your opponent, fly using his weakness, not your best feature as you’d do it with other races…

Many people just look the raw stats and say blah… And this happens with all the minmatar ships not only the rifter.

I have to agree with prekuto the rifter is an extremely strong scram kiter and has close to the highest dps when scram kitting as far as t1 frigs go. it also has the speed to increase its range control and maintain that distance.

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